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Submitted by Shelena Tate on February 08, 2019
"I did inquire about a loan with the company but it was online.

Upon speaking to someone i was told i was approved for any amount up to $5000. I know i wasn't going to get this as i'm currently building credit and I've been denied for up to $500.00 everywhere else.

I then said i'd like $5000 after asking how much and how many months i'd wanted to pay. Caller then giving options up to 72 months.

I then asked if this information can be emailed to me for verification purposes, which i was then told they don't do emails. I then asked how what we were talking about can be verified. I was instructed to just go to the site.

Then i was asked if i had a bank account and told none of the 3 bank cards i had could be used, that they needed to do a wire transfer and that i needed to pay $100 via a money gram.

Caller then asked if i can go by the store then to do it. I expressed i don't get off this a 5pm then asking again why he couldn't email me verification of what we were talking about?

He brushed it off just staying they don't do emails and what time i'll get to store. I purposely said 6pm in which he stated the banks closed at that time and that he'd call before that time. He asked if he can call at 5 i said yes.

Hanging up my co-worker (an ex-banker) confirmed she wasn't trying to listen in but it sounded like a scam. I reassured her i figured it was when he said yes to the amount i said i wanted, couldn't send a verification email, and i had to do a wire transfer (after rejecting the banks i named on my cards).

Don't know if others fell for this but i was looking into a small loan on line but i sensed this was a scam.

I'd like to make sure others aren't victims.

Upon call back the number is "out of service""


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