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Have you received a call from 630-320-0130? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (630) 320-0130

630-320-0130 / (630) 320-0130 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Kris on March 18, 2019

CALLER ID: 6303200130

Submitted by Pete L. on October 25, 2018
"Total Scam.
They called and left a voicemail on our company phone system. "This is Susan Mullins. I'm contacting you in reference to legal allegations that are being filed against you. We are requesting a verbal statement from you. Failure to respond will result in forfeiture of your rights and a process server will be contacted to have you served at your home or place of employment. Press zero now to speak with a mediator. You have been officially notified."
Susan did not identify an entity that she was calling on behalf of nor did she leave any information about how to contact her or her company.
I did not bother calling back."

CALLER ID: 16303200130
CALLER COMPANY: Did Not Identify

Submitted by Liz on August 15, 2018
"Lady called me stated i committed fraud in 2011 with my chase bank account for a loan. I was being served and i surrender my rights at that point when I told her this was a part of my BK she got upset and said i cant add it and i'll be served at home. I said ok please make she you have the correct address she refused to give it to me weird, SO I HUNG UP WHAT A JOKE...."

CALLER ID: 6303200130

Submitted by Jacqueline Martinez on August 07, 2018
"Said I took out a loan in Dec. 2013, told me my address and job place."

CALLER ID: 6303200130

Submitted by ame on June 22, 2018
"called and harrassed me about a supposed bank wire fraud to an email i haven't used since 2011, they woman become beligerent when i told her that was the case and said not you did it blah blah, then proceeded to contact me after I hung up from a different number to call me a Bitch."

CALLER ID: 6303200130
CALLER COMPANY: Nea management & associates

Submitted by jwa on May 08, 2018
"They said that I have a warnt out for my arrest I pressed 1 to talk and talked to a man, I told him he was a scam and told him never to call me again, he hug up on me. I called them back a woman answered as soon as I told her never to call me again, that she was nothing but a scam artist, she just hug up on me. I suggest that if this person calls you keep calling them back and tell them that they are a scam and never call you again!! Over and over again!!!"

CALLER ID: 630-320-0130

Submitted by Frances on March 22, 2018
"Told me I had a warrant for defraud of a loan from OPD. That my license was suspended so not to drive."

Submitted by Esmeralda Sanchez on February 22, 2018
"Called and said I had two lawsuits used my old married name and a email that I haven’t used I’m over ten years that’s how I knew it was a scam"

CALLER ID: 6303200130

Submitted by JESUS VALDOVINOS on January 30, 2018
"They called saying that, they had me served and that because, I did not respond that to make sure we don't have dogs. And that I committed fraud in some bsnk. When I called back I specifically asked them for there address they refused to give me any information. They threaden​ me got 24 hours to give them what they want"


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