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Have you received a call from 634-482-8470? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (634) 482-8470

634-482-8470 / (634) 482-8470 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by No Name on June 19, 2018
"Received call from this group claiming to be PECO. If I didn't pay immediately, power would be terminated within 30 minutes. Unfortunately, I was not having a very good day, immediately realized the scam, and let this guy have it uttering every nasty word I could think of...."

CALLER ID: 634-482-8470

Submitted by Cecilia Perez on June 13, 2018
"They called and told me i havent paid my electricity bill. They told me if i didnt pay that they were 2 blocks away and that they would come and shut it off. They told us to buy a money pak prepaid card. And to pay them 405 dollars. Are bill wasnt due until next month and for 80 dollars. They attempted to call again and asked if i had the money. I asked them if they had a location were i could go pay it. They hung up and never called again."

CALLER ID: Invalid number

Submitted by Al on June 08, 2018
"So I missed this call, called back and can't get an answer???? White pages says No match found for this number. Dexknows says We did not find a match. The area code for the given number is invalid. This isn't the first time that I have had a number that didn't exist or even have a complete number to research."


Submitted by LSWIlliams on May 24, 2018
"Today at our company we got a call from (634) 482-8470 claiming they were our electric company and we hadn’t paid our bill. I explained to them that wasn’t possible because we have an electronic withdrawal set up, and if that was the case it was their mistake. The man on the other line “Mike” got very nasty and told me if I did not pay them $500 within 45minutes our power would be shut off (We are a busy mechanic shop in Denver, Colorado and having the electricity cut off would be catastrophic.). “Mike” said the fastest way to get them the money so we could avoid us getting our electricity cut off would be if we got a prepaid visa card and called them back (Those cards are paid for with cash, and then untraceable). We panicked, and ran to the store. “Mike” called and asked if we had sent the money because he had the Xcel disconnect on the other line. He proceeded to put me on hold for 5 minutes when I got tired of waiting and called him back. The line was busy the next couple times, so I called my electricity company and they informed me that they had been getting calls about it for days. It was all a scam!!
He called our shop again about 30 minutes later and I informed him that I had called the electric company and he got very belligerent and asked “why the fck did I call them. You were supposed to call me, not them”. I hope everyone checks with their electric company before any money is sent. THEY ARE SCAMMERS!!!!"

CALLER ID: Name unavailable
CALLER COMPANY: Said Xcel energy

Submitted by Reuben L Martinez on May 21, 2018
"Received phone call from 634-482-8470 saying my electricity would be cut off in 30 minutes, spoke all Spanish, would not give me location of office, refused to answer me in English, gave me another number, 469-329-1734, that number answered in Spanish and they hung up when I asked where their office was. They claimed to be with Oncor Energy"

CALLER ID: 634-329-1734

Submitted by laura on May 15, 2018
"Caller identified themselves as representative from SDG&E, spoke spanish
Said my electricity will be shut down in 30mins due to no payment...caller hung up after I said I just checked my account and it's fine..."


Submitted by Omar on May 08, 2018
"Called claim to be from Dominion Power to advise electricity would be cut. To call 855-879-5870 to pay. Then got very angry when I told him we didn’t have Dominion power and threatened to hurt my family. Knew Name, address and phone number"

CALLER ID: 634-482-8470
CALLER COMPANY: Dominion power

Submitted by Sergio Hijuelos on April 27, 2018

Submitted by NENITA GREEN on April 25, 2018
""Person calls saying we have not paid our electric bill and is threatening to shut off our electric in 1 hr if we do not pay""

CALLER ID: 634-482-8470

Submitted by NANAJANI on April 20, 2018
"Received call claiming to be from "PG&E" and that my power was going to be turned off today due to non payment. He had my name, cell phone number and address. Wanted to set up immediate payment. Hung up when I told him I would call PG&E number off my last statement and asked for his name again and his call back number Beware!!!"

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