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Submitted by Nichole Price on August 31, 2022
"So I get a call from an officer Kevin Woodley with the Us Treasury department telling me I won over 4. Mil dollars call the department and they tell me it's a scam. So beware"

CALLER ID: 703 991 8533
CALLER COMPANY: Us department of treasury

Submitted by Average person on September 10, 2021
"I get this phone call from a man that days he is with the FBI Fraud Prevention Division.
He claims to be a Agent and he called us up for 3 day, so I called the FBI in Boston and talked to a person there.
She said not to call back.
This is a scam he gave his name Julis Clark at 703-991-8533. This is a scam. Beware it is out there and they want your info!!!
Never responded to a persin that intimates you or bullying you, a really FBI Agent will be polite and respectful to you.
Be safe and protect yourself, if you think it needs to be verified call the FBI they are open 24/7. And they want to help you out!!!!!"


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