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Have you received a call from 705-745-4428? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (705) 745-4428

705-745-4428 / (705) 745-4428 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Frank on April 20, 2019
"They have called several times. Never anybody on the other end. Long pause then "good bye" and the call disconnects."

CALLER ID: V41911305900032

Submitted by Maizy on April 13, 2019
"He tried to convince me that I had a severe problem with my computer. I pretended to be dumb so that he would wasted about 10 minutes of his time. He wanted me to download "Supremo" which is a software package to gain access to your computer. At which time, I told him nice try. His response: " ***** ""

Submitted by Herb Stevens on April 10, 2019
"I received call at 10:00am EDT; no one spoke; I hit 7 number keys and waited; a recorded female voice said thank you. Caller ID V41009570300030 and 1705-7454428"

Submitted by Mike on April 10, 2019
"Phone rang and rang. I answered, no one there then heard...good bye...
I dialed the number back but no answer."

Submitted by Frances on April 06, 2019
"At 11:45 today this number appeared on our phone:60 V40600455300029 . I responded thinking our Irish relatives were calling before realizing that this was not the case.There was no response from the caller."

CALLER ID: 1-705-745-4428
CALLER COMPANY: 60 V40600455300029

Submitted by Kim J Perry on April 05, 2019
"called at 8am. Left a message on my phone"


Submitted by I Taylor on April 04, 2019
"computer scam regarding Microsoft windows . Wants to have access to my computer. the background sounded like a call center and the male voice talking was with an Indian Accent (from India).
There was another number that showed on my telephone display along with the 705-745-4428. The other number was V0404 1010 330 0028"

Submitted by diane on April 04, 2019
"ils appellent toujours tres tot le matin Je décroche et raccroche immédiatement. Très fatiguant ces appels presque tous les jours"

CALLER ID: v40408272500029
CALLER COMPANY: 1-705-745-4428

Submitted by Craig Welbourn on April 02, 2019
"Just received a call saying that my computer was infected and needed fixing immediately (or else). I receive at least three of these calls each week, and decided to start recording the numbers. This was the number they called from today.
My friend fell for it last week, and followed their instructions for installing the software that lets them into your computer. He was amazed when he saw his cursor move on its own while they were 'fixing it'. After stealing all of the information they wanted, they offered to install other software that would guarantee that he would never have this problem again. "Only $2,500", they said, which he paid by VISA. Unbelievable you might think, but he was scared and they sounded like they were microsoft professionals helping him. As soon as he hung up, he became suspicious and called VISA. Sure enough, $2,500 had been charged, along with an online purchase of $380 which, of course, he hadn't made. VISA immediately cancelled the charges, but said they couldn't reverse the $2,500 because he had charged it himself. So he called the OPP who told him he might be able to be compensated through the Consumer Protection Act's 'cooling off period'.
Ironically, we had been out with this person and his wife the evening before, and talked at length about these scam calls that seemed to be becoming more frequent. But all that flew out the window when he got scared that someone was hacking his computer and these kind people were there just in time to fix it."

CALLER ID: 705-745-4428

Submitted by luigi on March 28, 2019
lets phone ring 3x
hangs up

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