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Have you received a call from 705-745-4428? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (705) 745-4428

705-745-4428 / (705) 745-4428 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Brenda on May 24, 2019
"This has been going on since LAST summer. They call between 7 to 8 in morning. Saturdays they now phone THREE times between 7 and 8 am. Really great. I am now going to lose it. I am then going to answer and talk threaten and inform this son of a ***** I now know where they live and I will kick them soo hard in their ass,their ***** will now be their new lips Then maybe then I would be interested in speaking to them..."

Submitted by Cindy on May 24, 2019
"Call shortly after 8 am. Regarding new windows for comuter"

CALLER ID: 7057454428

Submitted by Cindy Gunn on May 23, 2019
"Received a call at 8am and the person stated goodbye"

CALLER ID: V52307053400041

Submitted by Barb on May 04, 2019
"Receiving calls from 705-745-4428 almost aily. Many early in the morning. A woman's RECORDED voice simply says Goodbye. Driving me crazy as it has been going on for months"

CALLER ID: 705 745 4428 or V+ 14 digits

Submitted by K Boychuk on May 03, 2019
"I received a call from this number at 7:37 this morning. As soon as I answered it, there was an automated "goodbye".

My husband tried calling back but no answer"

CALLER ID: V50307371500034

Submitted by Amelie on May 01, 2019
"Il téléphone et lorsque tu décroche pas de bruits pendant un certain temps et après tu entends goodbye"

Submitted by ubob on April 29, 2019
"no message until after long silence then goodbye, called 2 times in 2 hrs this morning"

Submitted by SD on April 24, 2019
"Fed up with this number calling every day"

Submitted by Frank on April 20, 2019
"They have called several times. Never anybody on the other end. Long pause then "good bye" and the call disconnects."

CALLER ID: V41911305900032

Submitted by Maizy on April 13, 2019
"He tried to convince me that I had a severe problem with my computer. I pretended to be dumb so that he would wasted about 10 minutes of his time. He wanted me to download "Supremo" which is a software package to gain access to your computer. At which time, I told him nice try. His response: " ***** ""

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