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Have you received a call from 708-537-3265? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (708) 537-3265

708-537-3265 / (708) 537-3265 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Kendra Stewart on August 16, 2018
"I have received two phone calls with two messages from this number stating that if I do not return this call charges will be brought up on me called it back and its IRS well somebody claiming to be IRS and then she hung up on me. I have always paid my taxes, or they have paid me. I have been in our our local IRS office and they worked with me before and if they needed anything for me they would call me not someone from Illinois or. You would think that IRS would know that I work for a living and if they want to get ahold of me they won't call me when I'm at work"

CALLER ID: 708-537-3265

Submitted by Ashley on August 16, 2018
"I had the same message. I live in Georgia, but had been looking at apartments online for Indiana so I thought it was strange that they would call me from this number. When I called the. Inner back the guy answered, “thank you for calling the IRS” then asked me for a case number. I told him I do not have one. He asked if this was Ashley. So clearly, he had my information based on phone number. I asked what the call was about. He stated that it was about the last time I filed my taxes. I asked what he was referring to. He stated that it was about my taxes between 2013-2017. I told him I haven’t even been working that long so I couldn’t have taxes from that long ago...he told me to check my email & hung up on me. Clearly a scam."

CALLER ID: 708-537-3265

Submitted by Toni Geraci on August 16, 2018
"says from irs etc called knowing it was bs and got connected to some back conversation saying racially nasty things"

Submitted by Rhonda on August 15, 2018
"Same as above. I asked for their lawyers name and number and the female on the other end asked if I would like her name also. I said "Yes, sure." There was a long pause...She mumbled something and I said "Pardon me?" and she hung up! Ha Ha!"

Submitted by Loriellen Coley on August 15, 2018
"Got a call threatening a lawsuit if J or an attorney did not call back right away. Threatened to take my home, my car, my bank accounts if I didn't pay back e years of tax returns. Gave me 2 differing amounts, said he had a warrant for my arrest. Oh please; my son suggested we Google the phone number and this is what I found."

CALLER ID: 7085373265
CALLER COMPANY: Supposedly the IRS

Submitted by Gayle on August 15, 2018
"They state they are Internal Revenue Services. Not IRS That is Internal Revenue SERVICE.

Just another SCAM. IGNORE and BLOCK NO."

CALLER ID: 1-708-537-3265

Submitted by anonymous on August 15, 2018
"A man saying he was with the IRS and I was facing a law suit if I did not return the call. It is time a law is passed to arrest these jerks."

Submitted by Anonymous on August 15, 2018
"I had the same situation as many others have had with the phone number (708)537-3265 leaving a message saying, "If you don't return the call, you will have to face the legal consequences". The beginning of the message was cutoff telling me this was an automated message that began playing as soon as my voicemail picked up. This is a very threatening message to leave on someone's voicemail, and THEY are the ones who should have to face legal consequences!"

Submitted by Carly on August 15, 2018
"I received a call and voicemail from this number. And another not even an hour later. The irs would contact by mail never by phone."

Submitted by Dennis on August 15, 2018
"Got a call from 708-537-3265. Left a voice msg telling me same. I did not call back.figured it was a scam. Had same msg few days ago from 713-935-67 95. Both are scams"

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