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Have you received a call from 713-814-9522? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (713) 814-9522

713-814-9522 / (713) 814-9522 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Jesse Nunez on February 10, 2019
"Received a call from a block # stating they had legal papers to serve me. The voice mail stated a delivery guy would attempt to get my signature. At the end of the call, he said that he would be out between 3 and 5 p.m."

Submitted by Shon on February 08, 2019
"Same exact voice message and threat. I'm supposed to be served around "3-5" also today..."

CALLER ID: Unknown
CALLER COMPANY: Andrew Nichols

Submitted by E. Love on February 08, 2019
"I rec'd a call from a private number he stated he was with law enforcement & was serving me with a lawsuit. When i ask for details he told me to call 713-814-9522. I called this is a debt over 15yrs old. They continued to call me from a private number leaving threatening msgs. I called the org creditor & they have written off the debt."

CALLER ID: Private

Submitted by Katherine Owens on February 08, 2019
"He called me 2 days ago and we spoke. He said he was from an independent courier service and was supposed to show up yesterday between 3-5 pm to serve me papers from "DRC". He was a no show. This morning he called and left me a voicemail saying he had received a "stop order" (I didn't call them and give the order so..?)
and he apparently was told to reschedule today between 3-5 pm. Then he proceeded to threaten me saying it was my final notification and if I wasn't here to sign for the papers today it would go down as a refusal and blah blah blah. HAHA!

I never even called to reschedule the original date he was supposed to "serve" me the "legal paper work"....and he was a no show. So he will most likely be a no show again today. It's stupid and it's totally a scam.

His name is Daniel Reyes"

CALLER ID: Private

Submitted by Amber hays on February 07, 2019
"Called stating he woukd serve me court papers between 3 and 5pm, when that was 2 weeks ago and havent received a phone since. Called number bqck had to leave message i told them i know my rights and they must send it in writing and i will pay them once they show proof who they are with has yet ti call me back"

CALLER ID: Unknown

Submitted by Alysia on February 07, 2019
"Called stating that he wanted to deliver me court papers. Stated that he would be showing up and my address or place of work. This is harassment. He sounded very threatening."

CALLER ID: Unknown

Submitted by Karen Hamby on February 06, 2019
"Said the same to me. I asked the lawyers name. I was given the name Jeffery Cohen. I looked up the lawyer and he is the character "Chunk" from the movie Goonie's."

CALLER ID: Private Caller
CALLER COMPANY: Jeffrey Cohen law

Submitted by Shelly Griswold on February 05, 2019
"My daughter told me they called her today about me. Her phone didn't even ring it went right to voice mail. Not only is this illegal. Its harrassment. Mlm"

Submitted by Shelly Griswold on February 05, 2019
"Man said the exact same thing to me. Looks like the call is c ok ming out of houstin."

Submitted by Christina on February 04, 2019
"Called stating he was from an independent courier and was going to serve papers today between 3 and 5. It came from a private number he left a reference number. He called on Friday and today he wanted to verify my last 4 and wasn't even correct than he called again today and wanted to verify my last 4 different numbers than Friday."

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