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Submitted by Ms Burke on November 18, 2021
"Upon answering calls the caller said "grandma." I asked who they were looking for, caller said Maisie. I asked for their name. He said David. I asked who was his father, he said Michael. I said Michael Moore. He said yes. Then he asked if I was here care giver. Next, he used an explicit that he must have dialed the wrong number. All during the call I could hear other people talking like a call center and my voice echoed like I was being recorded. My mother mentioned getting calls from people claiming to be her grandson. I know how many children my mom have. He said he mush have dialed the wrong number but he called her by name. Yet he doesn't know anything about her. Our data shouldn't be accessible so easily. With more services going on line, criminals shouldn't be able to find your name, address and even some names of potential family members. Supposed it was a child who answered the phone. They tend to give out information like candy. Yet because of this behavior, parents constantly have to restrict things like answering the phone. If our goverment can not see how these types of behavior endangers children and stunts their development, then something with this whole system is terrible wrong."


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