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Have you received a call from 720-507-9173? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (720) 507-9173

720-507-9173 / (720) 507-9173 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by S on June 22, 2020
"This caller continues to call and says nothing .... over and over again. Not sure what this person’s motive is, but it’s bizarre behavior and sheer craziness."

Submitted by RT Smith on June 04, 2020
"I get a call from this # every day!! I don't answer it but it goes to voice mail and records a message of just noise."

Submitted by Deborah A. on March 05, 2020
"I receive a call from this # every day, I don't answer it but it goes to voice mail and when listen to message it is just noise."

Submitted by CB on November 21, 2019
"This calls my house and when you call back they do a google search and no one ever answers how do you get them to stop"

CALLER ID: 7205079173

Submitted by Mitchell on October 08, 2019
"I also have my home for sale on Zillow. This number called and left a 40 second voicemail of what sounded like driving in a car. Realtor ploy most likely. I receive TONS of calls from realtors everyday."

CALLER ID: Unknown

Submitted by Byron D Tatum on March 22, 2019
"this number called my house and either doesn't say anything or has heavy breathing going on in the background -"

Submitted by Jennifer Bradley on February 19, 2019
"I answer but no response, I can hear dogs in the background of the call. I called back takes me to google voice, so it is an IP number"

CALLER ID: 720-507-9173

Submitted by JLKITZENBERGER on November 27, 2018
"Keeps calling my cell phone,never leaves a message."

Submitted by JLK on November 16, 2018
"This number calls repeatedly, all hours, and never leaves a message."

CALLER COMPANY: 720-507-9173

Submitted by Mrs. P. on October 10, 2017
"Me too. Keeps calling, no message is left. I figured it had something to do with me posting my home on Zillow today. Legit folks will at least leave a voicemail."

CALLER ID: 720-507-9173

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