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Have you received a call from 768-787-8767? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (768) 787-8767

768-787-8767 / (768) 787-8767 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Megan on November 10, 2014
"They keep calling and not leaving a message."

Submitted by mtcaw on October 10, 2014
""Yes, Ma'am This is Microsoft, We have received disturbing activity from your Computer, We are Microsoft Global center.You have Windows 7. We need to access your computer the activity hs been suspicious for the last two weeks" I told him NO I have Linux.. Then he got pushy.Almost threatening!!! I Contacted Microsoft over these type calls and they wrote me stating that, They will never contact you over the phone. that this company is from Nigeria or India, Scam artist.. Just hang up. I do, but they keep calling usually under another number."

CALLER ID: unknown 7687878767
CALLER COMPANY: Microsoft Global center

Submitted by A in Indiana on October 09, 2014
"I've been receiving calls from this number for a couple of months. Computer scam, now calling and just yelling "Hello?" "Hello?" into my phone. I've asked them to stop at least four times. Finally blocked number."

CALLER ID: 768-787-8767

Submitted by TE on September 24, 2014
"I've blocked this number, in three days they have called me 18 times. The first calls came in as private and I could not block it...but the calls from this number are from an almost unintelligible (background people - call center - on phones) wherein the person tried to tell me a malicious virus had been downloaded to my Microsoft system. I told them not to call me again and reported them to my phone service carrier. But they are still calling me!"

CALLER ID: Private then Unavailable

Submitted by MAry on September 24, 2014
"constant calling, finally blocked the numer"

Submitted by R.Ackley on September 23, 2014
"calling me all the time wanting me to push keys on my computer"

CALLER COMPANY: unknow caller

Submitted by Bob on September 20, 2014
"Same story. They claim to be from Windows support. What a joke. They a simply trying to trap the na´ve. Don't know what they are looking for but they do give me a chance to use some of the colorful language I picked up from years in the military"

Submitted by Karen on September 19, 2014
"I've received several calls. The first time I told the guy my computer hasn't been used in years in fact its broken he hung up. The second time the same guy called and I told he you just called me and hung up on me. The 3rd time I answered and as soon as he heard my voice. This was all in one day within minutes so its obvious they're randomly robot calling. The guy was the same each time. Sounds foreign"

CALLER ID: name unavailable

Submitted by CJ on September 16, 2014
"Keep getting calls from this number. They are trying to get your info for identity theft. They claimed to be from Microsoft also. I told him I wanted his name and to talk to his supervisor and he hung up but they still keep calling!"

Submitted by squirt1956 on September 16, 2014
"yes had a call telling me they wanted to help me cause was having --downloaded without my permission AND would walk me through it to get rid of it..duhhh---how would they know whats being downloaded on my computer i asked, they hung up"

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