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Have you received a call from 786-490-5107? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (786) 490-5107

786-490-5107 / (786) 490-5107 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Roger Finlay on May 13, 2022
"Indicating my loan is approve and they need my back account username and password.
They should be arrested!!!"

CALLER ID: 7864905107
CALLER COMPANY: Advance America

Submitted by Shacarra T Haynes on April 19, 2021
"I recieved an email stating I owe a debt to quick payday. They claim I owe 2,886.24 it seems odd since he can't tell me when the debt was taken out. My social and drivers license was included in the email as well as an old address of mine. I requested a letter with this issue so I can resolve it and he sent me this phone number 786-490-5107. Do I just ignore it."

CALLER ID: 786-490-5107
CALLER COMPANY: Stovall legal services

Submitted by teresa on March 09, 2021
"I have received harassing emails from this number and phone calls. How do they have access to my license and social security number? This is terrible and they should be died."

CALLER ID: 786 490 5107
CALLER COMPANY: Legal services

Submitted by J.K. on February 10, 2021
"This number has called and left me several messages as well as emails with threats of being arrested and being sued for thousands of dollars for a payday loan that I never requested or received from a Quick Payday.I had several correspondence with a “Stephen Johnson” who claims he managing my “file” with Stovall Legal Services. It sounded like he had an Indian accent. I engaged with him in attempts to expose the scam. I even asked him to speak to the “lawyer” he kept referring to and he became irate stating “the lawyer doesn’t take phone calls”. He tried to get me to send my debit card info and photo id. If I did not he threatened to have the “legal team” to come to my house or work. Even his vernacular was odd and I knew something was off. Please be aware. I hope this person is caught. The only concern is that he did have my social security number and a previous address. That is very alarming"

CALLER ID: 786-490-5107

Submitted by lisa on February 09, 2021
"i received multiple emails form a cropper legal services stating i owe money to a payday loan. i asked for a number to call and i was given this one to call.. good thing i checked here to verify this is a SCAM"

Submitted by Elizabeth A Ortiz on February 05, 2021
"Received an email stating I was being sued for nonpayment to Quick Payday. Never heard of them. I spoke to a 'Steven Johnson' stating I stole the money."

CALLER ID: 786-490-5107
CALLER COMPANY: Stovall Legal Services

Submitted by C.Hughes on January 25, 2021
"receiving emails saying i'm being sued for non-payment of Quck Pay day.. i have never received funds from them. shame on them!"

Submitted by Rita Dalton on October 02, 2020
"I have received close to 20 emails from this number. They are trying to extort money from me on a payday loan scam."



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