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800-348-1556 / (800) 348-1556 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Trish on September 22, 2020
"Sounds very convincing, but I asked for a number to call back and he gave me one. So I searched online and came up with these reports."

CALLER ID: chelle com
CALLER COMPANY: merchant service

Submitted by B Foss on September 10, 2020
"I got a call from "Susan" with Merchant Services today. She was SO nice, and kept calling me "hunny" and "sweetie". She told me that we had been over billed on our CC fees for April-July, and that we should have received a notification back in May/June. She said that they are reaching out now because today is the last day to receive the refund. She had me pull up my latest statement, and "confirm" the total amount processed, and our total fees. (I felt comfortable enough to give her this information). The red flag was raised when she asked me to fax my statement to 1-888-385-1433 (why wouldn't they already have a copy?) I told her that I needed to confirm with my boss first, and she said that I had to fax it with her on the phone so that she could give me a confirmation number. I put her on hold just to think about this for a few minutes. I finally decided that I wasn't comfortable with it, and asked her for her number so that I could call her back when I was ready to fax it. She gave me her number (1-800-348-1556 ext 420). She was super nice throughout the entire exchange. I called my bank and CC machine company and they confirmed that it was a scam. It was definitely the most convincing scam I've ever been apart of!"

CALLER ID: 1-800-348-1556

Submitted by bad built owner on June 26, 2020
"some rude woman called me, doesn't speak very good English. Wanted my statement said I process with her. Had a feeling it was a lie. looked up number huge red flags. SCAM SCAM SCAM"

CALLER ID: smelly chelle
CALLER COMPANY: chelle comm llc

Submitted by Tami on March 18, 2020
"Chance Baker Ext 607 from 1-800-348-1556 and/ or Amanda (no ext or last name because I put her on hold right off the bat and never went back)whose already called today and several months ago. I get no kidding 25-50 calls a week from "Merchant Services" which are not MY MERCHANT Services trying to pull a fast one. Chance proceeded to tell my employee they were going to charge my account an extra $289.24 in fees and I needed to call him back asap. Well...hold your breath waiting on the call back Chance Baker!"

Submitted by S C on February 20, 2020
"Victoria called saying my account got flagged because the interest rate went up and that I should be reimbursed the overage. Didn't I get the email about this? No, because my business was closed down for almost a year already. Victoria was all flustered and said well I don't know how that happened I need to call corporate and see what is up and I will get back to you. Right."

CALLER ID: 800-348-1553

Submitted by Frog Hollow Campground on February 14, 2020
"Called stating the I was being overcharged on my credit card processing. They wanted me to send over the most recent statement and would go through past 12 months to "refund my overcharge" on their part. This has nothing to do with my CC processor so I don't need to speak with them.
Couldn't find any info when I looked for a website and email with the address given."

CALLER ID: 1-800-348-1556
CALLER COMPANY: Toll Free Caller

Submitted by Sue on November 08, 2019
"We even got a Confirmation code with this one! And to send our statement and a Senior Analyst would call me on Wednesday to go over my statement with me. Fax number 1-888-385-1433. Fax to Preston. Sharon Miller called me. too, 1-800-1556 x412 and had me convinced. I called myRep and told me this is a scam. Wow. They are very convincing! They said they are Merchant Services, but Chelle com shows on caller ID."

CALLER ID: 1-214-764-3856
CALLER COMPANY: Chelle com/Merchant Services

Submitted by Maria on September 19, 2019
"Barbara Wright, who sounds like she's from the 'hood' was so nice when I called her back. She just hung up when I asked 'how I could help'. I guess she could tell from my firm voice I was not fooled. She should just get up and work honestly like the most of us!"

CALLER ID: 2144320788
CALLER COMPANY: Merchant Services

Submitted by Trisha on September 18, 2019
"Call the business more than once said from Merchant Service need to speak to some regarding overcharge...scam"

Submitted by Monica on September 17, 2019
"I actually do work for a merchant Service company and one of my merchants called me wanting to know if this number was a legit company and could they save them some money. I called the number and asked what company they actually work for and the woman on the phone got really upset and told me to have a good day. She would NOT answer my question then hung up on me. Please do not send these crooks your monthly statements or your personal information!!!!"

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