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800-348-1556 / (800) 348-1556 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Shawn D on June 21, 2022
"They called us and after understanding what they were able to do, we reduced our rates of credit card transactions foour business.. happy with purchase"

CALLER ID: Merchant services

Submitted by Gary on April 22, 2022
"Have gotten several calls from this number saying that we have been overcharged on out credit card fee and send them a statement and they can get it corrected. Called our credit card processor and they said they have our statements and would not have to ask for them. SCAM"

Submitted by Patricia Austin on January 28, 2022
"received a couple calls from this number today - same as above examples: stating that we have be overcharges for merchant service fees, but had not information about our accounts. Our account folks confirmed that this is a scam."

CALLER COMPANY: Austin's Violin Shop

Submitted by salon on January 19, 2022
"Received a call from Trail Tatton was his name. He said for the last 3 months I was being over charged fee but couldn't tell me the vendor I used or the amount I was being over charged and he said the normal fee was 2 but I know how much my service charges for their fee. Also he kept apologizing for not having the answers to the questions I was asking him... He wanted me to fetch my statements. Yah right!"


Submitted by mygeena Hertz on July 20, 2021
"I Kept getting calls from this number and i finally answered glad i did this wholesale provider saved my company alot of money on processing fees by ping my rates. definitely recommend them."

CALLER ID: Chellecom

Submitted by Elaine on July 20, 2021
"I received a call from this number in regards to over billing on my merchant account and even though they are not my ISO office they were able to help me with a wholesale platform and save me money on my processing. This company helped me alot and i advise everyone to take the time to listen."

CALLER ID: chellecom

Submitted by Lisa on June 25, 2021
"Weird call at first and was going to hang up but so glad I did not. Even though they were not my current company they knew what was really going on in the dark and brought it to the light. Great rates and love them. Thank you"

CALLER ID: Chellcomm

Submitted by susan smith on June 25, 2021
"Got a call from this number and I am so glad I listened to the person becuase after doing a review on my merchant account I seen the numbers for my own eyes and was apaalled at how high my rates really were. This is the best company I have ever been with and I highly recommend them to everyone/. Instaed of being closed minded listen to what they say and just do a rate review with thewm and let them fix your account and you will be highly impressed."

CALLER ID: Chellcomm

Submitted by Anon on April 21, 2021
"Got a call today, she sounded real official and said they sent me 2 notices in the mail about my rates going up and wanted to go over my statement to get it corrected. I asked her the name of her company and she says "Merchant Services", I guess she doesn't realize that is a broad term for credit card companies. she seemed to get irritated when I told her I got no mail from them and wasn't going to go over my statement with her. Scam."

CALLER ID: Chelle Comm

Submitted by DC on February 12, 2021
"Call from Account Manager of Merchant Services stating we have been over billed on our credit card services. Same story as everyone else on here."

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