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Have you received a call from 800-890-0136? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (800) 890-0136

800-890-0136 / (800) 890-0136 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Yvonne on October 09, 2019
"Received call from Rachel saying she was from QuickBooks and credit card info was wrong. I just took # down and said will call back, which of course is not happening. Someone else purchased this software for us, so this call was completely a scam. Unfortunately everyone needs to watch out for those callers with accents from India."

CALLER COMPANY: Said Quickbooks

Submitted by Lynn on October 08, 2019
"This company called to handle renewal of Quickbooks software. It sounded like Indian accents.

Turns out they have no connection with Intuit."

Submitted by Geurtze Builders on October 08, 2019
"Same as others, called from "Quickbooks" to say our credit card on file not working, need updated info. At first thought somewhat legit because anytime you call Intuit you get a foreigner but with all the scams I don't take any chances, took his number and now definitely know not to call him back!!"

CALLER ID: Private Name
CALLER COMPANY: Private Number

Submitted by Joann on October 08, 2019
"Called us, I sensed something odd, so searched the number. They actually wanted to log in to my software"

Submitted by Joann on October 08, 2019
"Called us, I sensed something odd, so searched the number. They actually wanted to log in to my software"

Submitted by Regan on October 08, 2019
"I knew this was a scam, the caller ID shows Unknown Caller. Said they were from Quickbooks and our credit card payment would not go through. I played along and said I would check into it and call back. I asked for his name and number. He said his name was Allen Smith but he was definitely from a foreign country."

CALLER ID: Unknown Name/Blocked Caller

Submitted by Ever Pauley on September 27, 2019
"This is a scam call. Said they were calling to verify information for my QuickBooks. Called QuickBooks and they said it was a scam."


Submitted by Lone Star RV Service Center on September 12, 2019
"This company called to verify my CC # for my quickbooks account. they said they had 2 CC #'s for me on file. I asked them to identify the card numbers. They gave me the last four #'s of a non existent card, and said the 2nd card would not pull up. I was asked to provide the card #. I had just received my receipt for my QB account. I knew this was a scam. I ended the call."

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