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Have you received a call from 817-349-3829? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (817) 349-3829

817-349-3829 / (817) 349-3829 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Bob on November 08, 2019
"Total scam, disregard it and block this number... This number called my phone, and was flagged as suspected SCAM call. The voicemail left was this: "This call is from Department of Social Security Administration. The reason of this call is to inform you that there is a legal enforcement actions filed on your name and social security number and it's been involved in the crime, and this is in reference to suspend your existing social security number on an immediate basis. So call us back at the earliest possible on our number before we began with legal proceedings. That was 817-349-3829. I repeat 817-849-3829.""

Submitted by Christy Ruggiero on November 07, 2019
"I was told that my social security number was involved in a crime and that my SSN was going to be suspended and an investigation started. I was told to call 8173493829 back immediately. I did not call because I know there are a lot os scams out there."

Submitted by John on November 07, 2019
"Social Security scam!!

NEVER give these scammers any personal information!"

Submitted by marylou on November 07, 2019
"involved in a crime and my SS# will be suspended"

CALLER ID: 817-349-3829


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