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Have you received a call from 820-233-0022? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (820) 233-0022

820-233-0022 / (820) 233-0022 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by sara on April 13, 2017
"This number keeps changing but same person Indian accent ! 1 (820) 233-0022 , 1 (253) 245-1992
Telling me I have won a college grant from city of San Diego because I'm paying every bill on time! Also tax property on time!
He had my name, address, email address, my age!
I have already told him that I'm going to call police. First he said I'll call from my personal phone and we can hang out together. Then he said well there is police office near him and he said I will wait for cops. Then he said I will come to you !!!!"

Submitted by JON on April 12, 2017
"Claiming to be US Grants department go to western union get 9700"

Submitted by Sara on April 12, 2017
"Same thing. Keep getting calls from this number and a 213 area code (LA, California) with the same scam telling me I qualified for a government grant of $9,700 if I deposit $250 at a Western Union. Makes me nervous because there is chatter in the background and then when they ask you for an answer to say "yes" or confirm something, the chatter in the background goes away- as if you're being recorded. Don't give out any of your info!"

Submitted by Boney on April 12, 2017
"I got call 2-3 time in last 2 weeks. They asked me to goto nearest Western union and deposit $250 as a fees and you'll get $9700 grant given by US goverment.
It's a scam"

Submitted by T.Mac on April 12, 2017
"I have started receiving calls from this # a couple weeks ago. First he claimed to be an associate from my job. I was unemployed at the time. The next week he started calleding again. The more I told him to stop calling the more he called. We r up to 8 calls a days. I finally answered again & this time he says he is w our Govt & I have been granted $9,000. That's BS. Our Govt rarely gives u $ when u desperately need it much less just call up random ppl & give them $$."


Submitted by Victoria on April 12, 2017
"I received a call from 820-233-0022 claiming to be from AT&T. The man offered me $9,700. I told him I wasn't interested and said to remove my number.

They called again. I demanded they remove my number as this is a scam. I will report them if they continue to call me.

I have gotten 10 calls from this number and 2 calls from a 222-222-222 number."


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