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Have you received a call from 833-210-2455? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (833) 210-2455

833-210-2455 / (833) 210-2455 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Ashley on June 14, 2019
"Keeps calling back to back"

Submitted by Carol on June 11, 2019
"The first call I got was from phone number 206-567-9024 need to call this Number there is a complaint on you 833-210-2455 answers as Watson & Stevens saying if you don't pay now we will take you to court. They keep on calling. Will not send no papers to you."

CALLER ID: 833-210- 2455
CALLER COMPANY: Watson & stevens

Submitted by Mark Terilli on June 11, 2019
"They called me saying their was a complaint against Thomas Terilli. He needs to call them within two hours..
They have a sealed document on their desk for him."

CALLER ID: 1863-225-7445
CALLER COMPANY: Jenkins logistics services

Submitted by Guest C on June 11, 2019
"I received a call for my husband. Hmm.... odd already. A Tom Daniels with Jenkins Logistic Services had a sealed envelope on his desk of a complaint against my husband and could not open it. If I do not give him information the complaint/hearing will move forward with no representation. Phone number came in from was 410-202-2742 and # they told him to call was 833-210-2455. HUGE ALERT! USE YOUR HEAD IF THEY SAY THIS, BECAUSE IF THERE WAS INDEED A COMPLAINT THEY WOULD HAVE THE ADDRESS TO SERVE YOU. HANG UP & POST COMPLAINT!"

CALLER ID: 410-202-2742

Submitted by Kayla Kitts on June 10, 2019
"Very rude and it's a scam!"

CALLER ID: 833 210 2455
CALLER COMPANY: Watson and Stevens

Submitted by Diane on June 10, 2019
"Called wanting to collect fake medical debt from over 10 years ago. This is a scam."

CALLER ID: 833-210-2455
CALLER COMPANY: Watson and Stephens

Submitted by Guest User on June 06, 2019
"First got a call from 2065679024 from a "Jenkins" company sending a message "from the office." Asked to urgently call 8332102455 and got a 'Watson and Stevens' office. Got through and mentioned a family member is in arbitration and there is a complaint. This is fake."


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