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Have you received a call from 833-243-3272? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (833) 243-3272

833-243-3272 / (833) 243-3272 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by A. Parise on September 14, 2019
"I got these calls several times"


Submitted by Mary on September 09, 2019
"I was told he was from revenue Canada I told him to go screw himself and hung up
never gave him a chance to say anything else. I know it was a scammer.

1 833 243-3272 was the number the call came from"


Submitted by Don Crawford on September 04, 2019
"Caller I'd shows GOC-GDC. Identified herself as a government of Canada representative from the ax dept. I asked that I thought the CRA never called at home but she said they call all the time. Suspicious because the next day I got a all from 416-357-7709 saying the same."


Submitted by JH on August 29, 2019
"Number was flagged as a spam call, but I answered. Started as a recording, but almost immediately switched to a live person. Said he's from Canada Revenue Agency, calling about my personal taxes. Asked to confirm date of birth vs. what he has on file. I hung up at that point."

CALLER ID: suspected spam call

Submitted by Maryanne on August 20, 2019
"Didn't answer because the number looked suspicious. No message left."

CALLER ID: 833-243-3272

Submitted by riyaz on July 31, 2019
"they ask for personal information to confirm identity : Date of birth and address

They already have name ; don't give any details

tell them to send a letter and complain with RCMP"

Submitted by nicole F on July 16, 2019
"CRA said they were from the canada revenue agency. when i called the number back there is answering machine asking for my SIN number"


Submitted by Computer Teacher on July 10, 2019
"Just missed a call from 1-833-243-3272
Called it back 6 minutes later and recording
said you can't call this number back.
"833" is not an area code for a province or
U.S. state. It was initiated in June 2017 to
be used only for toll-free calls.If you get
a call from this number IT IS A SCAM -don't
forget Revenue Canada (now called CRA) would
never call you and speak to you about personal details like this. If you speak to this caller for any reason, ask them to mail
you their request and get off the phone cause
you think they're a phony. If they ask you where to mail it, then they just blew it because if they were really CRA, they would
already have it, along with your SIN, etc.
Do not be duped. People today are making a
fortune off the widespread ignorance that
people have living in North America!"

Submitted by Louise on June 21, 2019
"Missed call listing on phone. No message left on phone."

CALLER ID: 833-243-3272

Submitted by Rifky on June 13, 2019
"Calling from CRA"

CALLER ID: 8332433272

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