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Have you received a call from 844-640-0874? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (844) 640-0874

844-640-0874 / (844) 640-0874 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Bob on September 16, 2019
"Same spiel about Microsoft computer warranty going out of business. I blocked my caller ID and called 844-640-0874. Answered by someone speaking in a foreign, unknown, language. Putting it in my call blocker, #588."

CALLER ID: Unknown

Submitted by Miss Hogan on September 12, 2019
"Your computer warranty company has gone out of business. Call this number to get a refund"

Submitted by Ellen B on September 12, 2019
"This number has called my cell all day. I got a voicemail that was rather bogus and blocked the call"

Submitted by Paul R. on September 12, 2019
"Unsafe phone call , seems to be spoof calls with 800 numbers?"

CALLER ID: 800844

Submitted by Guest User on September 10, 2019
""Please this number for a refund. We are forced to close down" When returned the called line ped"

Submitted by vance neathery on September 05, 2019
"Something about a refund."

CALLER ID: 844-640-0874

Submitted by Bright Idea on September 04, 2019
"When telephone carriers stop allowing calls with SPOOFED CALLER ID through, these calls will cease. There was no spoofing on copper wire (POTS lines) back in the 80's & 90's. Only when "VOIP" service was developed did this technical loophole rear its ugly head. Today's telecom carriers are in on this scam. They make money routing the calls. These billion-dollar corporations have the technology to filter out caller-id spoofing and prevent these calls from ever reaching you. But they don't. They often don't even take the small expense to provide a CNAME lookup, and only provide you with a city and state on the caller id, instead of a company or individual's name. That's irresponsible. I want to see the TRUE caller ID of every call that terminates on my premises, or the country of origin at the very least (i.e. "INDIA") so I can take appropriate measures to block these calls with my own hardware/software. It's time to boycott all ISP's and telephone carriers who permit falsified caller id. STOP SPOOFING NOW!"

CALLER ID: 800 Service
CALLER COMPANY: Fake Microsoft

Submitted by Connie on September 03, 2019
"Received call purporting that it was “Cathy” from Microsoft advising me that I was due a refund from my annual subion because “the company” had been ordered to shut down. Instructions were to phone a toll free number (an 844) number in order to claim my refund."

CALLER ID: 844-640-0874

Submitted by Donnella White on September 03, 2019
"Something about a refund"

Submitted by Donnella White on September 03, 2019
"Something about a refund"

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