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Have you received a call from 844-775-7706? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (844) 775-7706

844-775-7706 / (844) 775-7706 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by LanaTX on February 12, 2020
"I get the exact same... BUT they call 4-5times a day. I continue to BLOCK, they STILL get through, leaving messages. Here's my other report:

"I BLOCK them,they somehow keep getting through with a different call back number, but this number 7133002391,continues to show up as ID,

They are still able to leaves message about medical supplies, which I have never needed.
STOP the Harassment!

(other call back number 844.775.7706)

How are they getting through the BLOCK?"

Anyone else blocking and still getting messages?"

CALLER ID: 8447757706

Submitted by Michelle on January 27, 2020
"This number that states their name is Pharmacy Alliance. Calls me almost everyday since December 20, 2019. The number that shows on the phone is one local for my area, Atlanta, GA (678-786-3790) but the voice message is for 844-775-7706. They haven't called on Saturday or Sunday. The voice message states their name is Rose. I answered the phone once and told the caller who was a man not to call me again. He paused and said we will call you later then hung up. I need to know the company so I can file a lawsuit because I am on the do not call list. Each call is worth $1,500 if you're on the DNC list. If any one has contact information for this company please provide it. Thanks, Michelle"

CALLER ID: 6787863790
CALLER COMPANY: Pharmacy Alliance

Submitted by Christine A Gover on January 04, 2020
"I get these calls 4 times per day. I blocked this # and I still get calls."


Submitted by Wayne MacDonald on December 19, 2019
"receive a call from this no. 2 - 3 times a day, even around 5am when I am sleeping. Caller calls herself 'Rose' and needs my info to ship my diabetic meds and a free '
gift. This a form of harassment that I wish would stop."

CALLER ID: anonymous

Submitted by Charles Lantz on December 19, 2019
"Call 4 time a day"

Submitted by Myra Wade on December 13, 2019
"This is Rose calling to remind you to call and get your diabetic supplies And a free gift.This hapeens all day long and I wish it would stop.I let all my calls go to machine si I don’t answer."

Submitted by John Stevens on November 25, 2019
"Call says, "this is Rose from the Diabetic Supply Company, it is important that you call 844-775-7706""

CALLER ID: 908-758-3694
CALLER COMPANY: Diabetic Supply Company

Submitted by Dennis Bateman on November 04, 2019
"Calls received daily from "Rose" at 727-998-0975 regarding diabetes medication order with free gift (There has been no such order). "Rose" is asking us to call 844-775-7706 to update information."

Submitted by Drew Magnusson on October 30, 2019
"I kept getting calls from 715-304-0295 and wanted me to call back at 844-775-7706. They never said anything who they were and said I ordered something and they needed more information from me. So I never call back."


Submitted by morag Black on October 10, 2019
"I get called at least once daily from this number, re diabetic supplies. No one in the family has these needs, thank God. I've called them explaining and asking to be removed from their list but the calls continue"

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