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Have you received a call from 844-931-4307? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (844) 931-4307

844-931-4307 / (844) 931-4307 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Todd Talbert on October 07, 2020
"I Keep receiving a call from (844-931-4307). A pre recorded voice keeps telling me that they are going to charge my card or bank account that they have on file in the amount of $299 to renew my subion. I don't want their program and I do not know if they really have my account. When I call back the number to tell them not to charge my account , some guy, a different one each time, tells me they want to refund me $299 and he wants to dial into my computer. Keeps calling me every day, two or three times a day. I have told them to stop. It is a PC company."

Submitted by Annoyed on October 05, 2020
"I started tracking how many times since September 30, 2020 that this number has called. As of today October 5, 2020 so far there has been 11 calls. All with the same voice mail as Twice anonymous has stated. I will be looking at informing the FCC."

CALLER ID: 8449314307
CALLER COMPANY: Unknown name

Submitted by Maynard Masters on October 05, 2020
"Keep receiving a call (844-931-4307)from these people and it is always a bad connection and some one that is very hard to understand because he has trouble with the English language. Keeps telling me that they are going to charge my card or bank account that they have on file. I DO NOT HAVE their program and I do not know if they really have my account. I threatened him with legal action but it seems to fall on deaf ears. One time it is 199.00 and the next time it it 299.00. Keeps calling me every day even tough I have told them to stop. Some PC company."

CALLER ID: Cannot unertsnd him. Name is Steve.

Submitted by Peter Gagnon on October 05, 2020
"Service Contract cancellation call - every day!"

Submitted by Twice anonymous on October 01, 2020
"$199 is going to be charged from your checking account or plastic card, which is attached in our system within 24 hours for the auto renewal of your subion. If you want to cancel the subion, please call us immediately at support one 844-931-4307. I repeat, the number one 844-931-4307. If you are not the subscriber of pp care maintenance service, please disconnect the call immediately and call us at one. 844-931-4307. Thank you, and have a wonderful day."

CALLER ID: 8449314307


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