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Have you received a call from 847-865-4137? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (847) 865-4137

847-865-4137 / (847) 865-4137 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Ed on November 23, 2020
"Received the same email from ay goods and services in Phoenix. Would like to purchase...please set up my account to pay you with credit card." Classic scam language."

CALLER COMPANY: Ay goods and services

Submitted by Sandra Tinlin on November 20, 2020
"Received email from Christopher Duncan of AY General Goods & Services. "I would like you to supply me with the quote for the following: 30 SKuACM16874. No such business."

CALLER COMPANY: Fleming Chemical Company

Submitted by Wes LaPoint on October 27, 2020
"Scam order attempt, here is the e-mail I received:

Hello, I would like you to supply me with a quote for the following: (product) Quantity: 50 My company details are below so that you can set me up as a credit card account. Company Name: AY General Goods & Services Inc. 3003 N. Central Avenue, Suite 1500 Phoenix, AZ 85012 USA Tel: 8478654137 Regards Christopher Duncan"

CALLER COMPANY: AY General Goods & Services Inc.

Submitted by Kari on September 18, 2020
"Want to buy some product and send to Egypt with request to charge card immediately and also include the freight forward bill on the credit card."

Submitted by Thom Larsen on September 18, 2020
"Received email containing this phone number. Wants to buy some product but very little info. Nothing on this company online except the reports here and address appears to be a lawyer's office."

CALLER ID: 8478654137
CALLER COMPANY: AY General Goods & Services Inc.

Submitted by Jos. Banks on August 06, 2020
"Scam attempt. Gives Chicago based phone and fake company in Phoenix office building attempting to buy products. No indication of company and no companies use gmail and do not have a website if they are in the business of selling products which is what this person represented."

CALLER ID: 847-865-4137
CALLER COMPANY: AY General Goods & Services Inc.

Submitted by Rob Chip on June 11, 2020
"wants to buy some product and send to Egypt, no site, scam scam"

Submitted by Mike Jones on April 02, 2020
"Received an email from a made up name. They used this number as contact. They will buy something, tell you they over paid. And ask for a refund.

Total fraud 8478654137"

CALLER ID: 8478654137

Submitted by Kevin on March 17, 2020
"emailed my company with this phone number as his contact - wanting to buy our products - used fake company name couldnt find it in a search - no company website - used a gmail a/c
These guys try to buy your products and use stolen credit cards"

Submitted by Bruce Weber on July 25, 2019
"Scam artist"


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