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Have you received a call from 854-999-4407? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (854) 999-4407

854-999-4407 / (854) 999-4407 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Cathy on March 13, 2018
"This company, Medical Alarms, called my home at
2:00 a.m. I jumped out of bed and was scared to death that a loved one was hurt or worse. These robo calls are getting way out of control and for them to call in the middle of the night is criminal. Please do something!!
Phone Number: 854-999-4407
Thank you."

CALLER ID: 854-999-4407
CALLER COMPANY: Medical Alarms

Submitted by Lor on March 13, 2018
"called twice at 5::38 am"

CALLER ID: 854999-4407

Submitted by Claudette Tainter on March 13, 2018
"Called my home at 6:45 AM."

CALLER ID: Medical Alarms
CALLER COMPANY: Medical Alarms

Submitted by James P on March 13, 2018
"Received a call from ‭(854) 999-4407‬ at 4:45AM!!!
This is a known SCAM with some garbage about Medical Alert devices. We are on the Do Not Call list."

CALLER ID: ‭(854) 999-4407‬
CALLER COMPANY: Medical Alert device

Submitted by Bill on March 13, 2018
"called our home at 6:32am!! I jumped up out of bed to answer in case it was a emergency call from someone in the family only to find it was a advertisement robocall from Medical Alert!We have a hard enough time getting to sleep and then this . It needs to STOP!!!"

Submitted by Debbie on March 13, 2018
"Called at 5:30 AM!Medical Alarm Alert is what it said. I have a sick elderly mother so it was frightening."

CALLER ID: Medical Alarms
CALLER COMPANY: Medical Alarms

Submitted by Janet on March 13, 2018
"Called me at 4:34AM on March 13, 2018. I KNOW this is illegal and from what I see it's a medical alert company. Have received several calls different numbers that leave a have recorded press 2 to opt out - except you can't opt out on a recorded message. UGH! Please someone stop these people."

Submitted by Dennis on December 22, 2017
"Annoying robocaller."

CALLER ID: Medical Alarms
CALLER COMPANY: Medical Alarms


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