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Have you received a call from 855-334-4198? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (855) 334-4198

855-334-4198 / (855) 334-4198 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Sue L Flewelling on December 11, 2019
"They are calling for my Daughter "it is imperative that you return my phone call today" Said was Tia, and from Commenity bank. Phone number displayed says 614-754-4060 yet I am told to call back 855-334-4198 ext 1266270"

CALLER ID: Columbus, OH

Submitted by Essence on October 09, 2019
"They called from an unknown number, told me to call back urgently and left this number (855-334-4198) and ext: 1266012"

CALLER ID: Unknown
CALLER COMPANY: Community bank?

Submitted by terri k on August 21, 2019
"Comenity not only calls me daily, but they have also called my son. And just today, I got a text from my ex-husband that they have been calling his now-wife about MY account!! Seriously?!!?"

CALLER ID: 855-334-4198

Submitted by Christine W on May 01, 2019
"Called the owners assistant of the property I live stating comenity bank called looking for me and needs to speak to me about an urgent matter, gave phone number 855-334-4198 x1306020. I call the phone number but did not enter the extension number and spoke to a man that would not tell me what company he represented and wanted my account number or social security number which I would not provide, he said he was not allowed to give me information without me giving him the needed information and said only a manager could give me the information to which company they represent and I hung up."

CALLER ID: not available

Submitted by Kristy on April 09, 2019
"This number will not stop calling me talking about an urgent matter with my Victoria's Secret account that I do not have. Threaten with legal action. I try blocking, but they call from different numbers."

CALLER ID: 303-255-5354
CALLER COMPANY: Something Bank

Submitted by Kim Johnson on March 02, 2019
"Several voice mail messages over the past few weeks regarding Forever 21 and an "urgent matter". (I had no idea what Forever 21 was until I looked it up today.) "Miss Carol" from Commanche (? Comentity?) Capital Bank said the issue has reached critical status and I need to call 855-334-4198 ex 1252361 right away."

Submitted by Linda Hill on October 26, 2018
"Myself and my associates keep getting a call from this people. Was asked to stop number of times."

CALLER ID: 8553344198

Submitted by Doris Bottom on January 29, 2018
"This guy called my phone to contact my son regarding a note. My son does not give my phone number out to anyone!
He called from the number I listed as Caller ID, but said to call him back at 855-334-4198, ext. 1226409."

CALLER ID: 614-729-5000

Submitted by Guest User on December 06, 2017
"Good Afternoon, this message is for _______ and my name is Mr. Glands calling regarding a matter of very urgent personal business that belongs to you, my office number is 855-334-4198 ext. 126-6275 and this is a time sensitive matter and expect to hear back from you"

CALLER ID: Unknown

Submitted by susan Shetano on November 29, 2017
"This number keeps calling me and it is getting very annoying the call does not say who I would be calling and why.

They stated that they are having an officer is coming to arrest me unless i take action on this matter.
I keep getting harassed.
The phone 855-334-4198/ext:1236303"

CALLER ID: 8553344198

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