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Have you received a call from 876-250-2557? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (876) 250-2557

876-250-2557 / (876) 250-2557 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Guest User on May 22, 2020
"Yes. I just received a call from that number and was instructed to call (865) 229-6486, ext 5 and ask to speak with John Malone, Manager. The person name Michael Anderson claimed to be a representative from Publishers Clearinghouse. He said I had won and he would be the delivery person to deliver my prize"

Submitted by Tamara on January 29, 2020
"Reporting John Malone from publishers clearing house will give my father-in-law 5 million dollars. (Whom is currently on the way to the Dollar General now to pick up a receipt.) He called from 865-229-6486.

He said the same thing, Oprah Winfrey will be with the publisher clearing house guy, when he receives his cash prize...

He also said to keep his winnings a secret! And hide it from his family until he receives his prize..."

CALLER ID: 865-229-6486
CALLER COMPANY: Publishers Clearing House

Submitted by Guest User on October 08, 2019


Submitted by j cole on January 08, 2019
"talking to jim malone says prize patrol with oprah winfry , my sponsor will be at my home in 15-45 min asking my color preference for my mercedes and jim nelson the guy who first called me will ne driving thr flatbed with the car. oprah has taken care of 99 and i only need to pay $795.35 needs to be taken care of for them to head out from customs ."

Submitted by Glenda on May 16, 2017
"A man called and said I had won a prize and new car thru the publishing clearing house and I need to call 876-285-4234 and ask for John Malone ext.5 and tell him that a Mr. Nelson had called me... I have not entered any contest and I did not call the number"

CALLER ID: 876-404-4667
CALLER COMPANY: Publishing clearing house

Submitted by Ashley and Cody galloway on January 27, 2017
"Got a call just a bit ago with the same thing telling us that they are an gr away from my home just needed to speak with a John malone and give him the info to send the van to come so we could get our prize. Not even knowing our names......this is actually not the first time this has happened got an email and also letters in the mail regarding something similar"

Submitted by Dennisse on January 07, 2017
"Same deal 950K brand new Mercedes Package number NC899USA. He said I would need to contact John Shopper 8762854234 Ext5 to verify why I didn't recieve a Letter by Mail. All a scam'"

CALLER ID: 8762854234

Submitted by Vicki on July 29, 2016
"Slow speaking person said I won $950,000. And a brand new Mercedes. Called me from area code 876 285-4234. Told me to call John Malone at area code 876 598-5202 said they were from publishing clearing house and i won second place. Total scam"

CALLER ID: 8762854234
CALLER COMPANY: Publishing clearing house

Submitted by PHP on May 14, 2016
"PCH guy wanted to say I won .. Asked how he got this number . I was on the do not call and was calling authorities he hung up."


Submitted by B. King on December 15, 2015
"A man with an accent, slow-speaking, calling himself Nelson, called my cell phone claiming I had won a Publisher's Clearinghouse prize. I asked for a number that I could call him back on and he gave the 876-250-2557 number that showed up on my phone's ID. I then told him his call was a scam and he asked me, "What kind of a scam?" and I hung up. I went to my computer and looked the number up to find that it is in Jamaica, a known haven for scam callers. I blocked the number but not before my husband got another call on his cell which is in sequence with mine and our daughter's. DO NOT TAKE A CALL FROM ANY 876 NUMBER BECAUSE IT IS NOT A LEGITIMATE CALL. DON'T GET SCAMMED!"

CALLER ID: 876-250-2557

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