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Have you received a call from 876-382-1466? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (876) 382-1466

876-382-1466 / (876) 382-1466 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by anna on October 18, 2020
"male said won a car and 2.5 million dollars.
I said give to the irs. he came up with along list of things. i said give it to the goverment irs. he got nasty and call me names and said he was going to stick his d--k in my mouth."

CALLER ID: jamaica
CALLER COMPANY: he said pch

Submitted by Guest User on June 25, 2020
"Same as above I win publishers clearinghouse. After having up. He called back and called me all kinds of names"

Submitted by Linda on June 13, 2020
"Same as the others said. I won publishers clearinghouse that I didn’t enter. Number from Jamaica. Played along and then hung up, he called back and I blocked him."

CALLER ID: Jamaica

Submitted by bozworth on December 24, 2019
"I WON!! The publisher's clearing house sweepstakes and I didn't even enter!! That's great. Also, he called from Jamaica and couldn't even say CLEARING with his accent. When I hung up, he called back and I told him he knows where I live, come deliver the prize. He hung up. When we called HIM back, the number did not work. This is always the kind of winner I am."

CALLER ID: 8763821466

Submitted by Jeanne on November 14, 2019
"He’s calling us about a puppy that we bought from another scam Havanese breeder. Who took $4200 for the puppy. He says he’s the manager. He wants my husband to go to Walmart and purchase a gift card for $150.00. And send to western union"

CALLER ID: 18763821466

Submitted by 2btrece on February 11, 2019
"male caller @876-382-1466 states I have won cash & a car from PCH. States to go to FedEx and send $250 to following: Michael Williams, 20 Simmons Ville Rd apt 2415, Bluffton, SC 29910. Money will be used as validation claim for my prize. Informed not stupid enough to do that and hung up."

CALLER ID: Kingston JM


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