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Have you received a call from 877-203-3850? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (877) 203-3850

877-203-3850 / (877) 203-3850 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Liz Spain on March 06, 2018
"Call from Peter - he said to call him when I got home and was on my computer. Something about a security breach. Made absolute no sense."

Submitted by Cammiel on March 06, 2018
"Exactly the same as reported above. 3/6/18 from Windows Security. I am an older female and was tempted to return call but checked your site first. So glad I did."

Submitted by kaydee on March 06, 2018
"Robo call from alleged "Microsoft Security Licensing" saying my computer was breached and if I don't call I will not be able to use my computer, and to call 877-203-3850"

CALLER ID: 800 Service

Submitted by June on March 06, 2018
"Robotic call with much static saying 'Call Windows Security Department to renew license fee or Microsoft Windows Services will be stopped' I've turned off my answering machine and hope they give up."

CALLER COMPANY: Windows Security Department

Submitted by odin14 on March 05, 2018
"called my parents house, thankfully I was there cause they r in their 70s and would of called and probably gave them remote access to the puter. they tried once b4 i played along till they asked me too log in, lol Went off on them they hung up. There has to b a way too stop these scammers cause alot of older people will really think somethings wrong on their puter. I HOPE THEY BURN IN HELL!!"

CALLER ID: 86687609896

Submitted by gen on March 03, 2018
"This is the number fake-Microsoft fraudsters want you to call, when they call you from 866-876-9896.

SOMEBODY's paying for these numbers. There are records; or should be. Can't authorities just go there and BUST THESE SCUMBAGS. There should be MANDATORY 20 Years Hard Labor for phone/internet crooks. Demand it! Now!"

Submitted by Leslie on March 03, 2018
"Robo call claiming to be from Microsoft Windows. Claims my license has expired and will no longer be able to use my computer is I don't call."

CALLER ID: 877-203-3850
CALLER COMPANY: Claims to be windows security

Submitted by Guest on March 03, 2018
"Caller indicated that they were with the "Windows Department" but wouldn't acknowledge any company name. When pressed on issue, they hung up. Clearly a scam - in fact, when I called back from another number, they claimed the same problems on "my computer" without any additional information at all."

Submitted by Stephanie on February 28, 2018
"877 203 3850 call (robot) saying my computer
Key had expired and my computer will be shut
Down that I had to call this number.

Submitted by Tracy S on February 28, 2018
"Received call, automated/mechanic/robotic female-ish voice saying my Windows Key had expired and I needed to call back immediately or my Windows would stop working and I would not be able to use my computer. I knew it was a scam instantly because a) IF MS called, it would be a real person, but more importantly, b) I hadn't received any notifications via my computer that I needed to update/renew or that there was any problem with my Key.

Go get these guys! I'm so sick of these pathetic cretins who spend their time and waste ours with these stupid crimes! Go get a JOB!!"

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