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Have you received a call from 877-244-9823? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (877) 244-9823

877-244-9823 / (877) 244-9823 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Stacy on March 14, 2019
"An Indian “Microsoft Representative” called me which would’ve been fine if it was an American as i’m in America and I could barely understand him from a thick accent and said that my Microsoft account got hacked and tried to explain to me that I needed to go through my computer and do a whole bunch of things to resolve it and that it would cost $200-300 to fix and then hung up when I explained that I have no Microsoft accounts/ Microsoft-based technology in my house as everything I own is Apple"

CALLER ID: 8772449823

Submitted by Ken Semmel on March 14, 2019
"I also received a call from this number and, like a fool, fell for a scam that took over my computer. I have had lots of trouble since and they identify themselves as Microsoft when they are not. Might have to take computer in to get if fixed professionally."

Submitted by Thom on January 31, 2019
"I received a message on my computer and from a virus warning advising me to call the number and he was able to on my computer remotely. Went through all this stuff about malware and events on my computer and told that what it would cost to fix it and I told him that I could not afford it and he basically hung up. and my computer is acting up."

Submitted by Alex on December 22, 2018
"Got a message on my computer from "Microsoft" about a virus issue so i called technical support at this same number and it turned out to be a scam they charged my card 145$ and they manipulated my computer god knows what info they got on me now. The transaction at my bank comes out as worldwide consul outta New Jersey. Called my bank and the number they have for this company is not in service.......smh"

CALLER COMPANY: Microsoft support

Submitted by Chris roy on February 27, 2017
"Said he was an agent and my claim was giving to him and said I needed to take care of it,even called my job with threats.. Called back no longer in service but they can keep calling me."

CALLER ID: 9852185212

Submitted by Rachaele on February 21, 2017
"calle my job and gave a claim #201621713 waterman..."

CALLER ID: 877-244-9823

Submitted by Rls on February 20, 2017
"this number called me back to back, they hung up the first time when I tried to question them then they called back and left a message and a claim number when I called back they said it was my daughters only chance to resolve this matter and they needed to send paperwork to her so they needed her address so she could be served. sounded like a big scam to me"

Submitted by Rosemary Carter on February 06, 2017
"Received a call from some man claim to be investigate my husband and he called from 224-225-9150. He told me to call 877-244-9823 and gave me a claim #. When we tried to call it went to an answer machine that was full. Then when I tried to call back the 224 number it wouldn't go through. I think it's a scam"


Submitted by Linda on February 06, 2017
"this number called back to back. I did not answer as I was at work. the woman claimed to be an officer and had a claim and my former married name. she stated this was my only chance to remedy an issue and that she needed me to call her back to verify my address so I could be served. Sounds like a scam to me"

CALLER ID: 7349269950


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