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Have you received a call from 888-203-3412? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (888) 203-3412

888-203-3412 / (888) 203-3412 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Sharon on January 05, 2021
"Kimberly Price"

Submitted by A.J.R. on January 02, 2020
"update. I called this number back and let them know that they were being very unprofessional and the lady was like "well I never have talked to you is this john doe?" I said no it is not but I am reporting you to the authorities and there is a list of people that call you out on you scam online so if your gonna scam people you should probably be a little more professional. guess what this lady says to me!....... "SHUT YOUR LITTLE CRACKER ASS MOUTH UP BITCH" and then hangs up.

CALLER ID: 1-888-203-3412

Submitted by A.J.R. on January 02, 2020
"I previously wrote a comment. and I called this company back denied my name and they freaked out again and said well we will take you off the list if you don't know that person. they said the name of the company was SOURCE MEDIATION GROUP trying to resolve bills before sueing and going to court. lol they were the most crazy unprofessional idiots."

CALLER ID: 1-888-203-3412

Submitted by A.J.R. on January 02, 2020
"got a voicemail saying this was the second attempt or else. so I called back and they said I owe money to some pay day loan that I apparently got in 2012 for $597. They said I will have a court order and can have my day in court and of course I am freaking out wondering what I an do so I offer to pay $25 a month and the guy hangs up on me. I call back and he starts yelling things about how I am acting(completely respectful and professional unlike him) and he starts rambling on about Trump and a bunch of bs. I checked with the case net department in my state and there is no court order or anything. these people were literally crazy and 100unprofessional. guess we will see if I will be served. bunch of crazies!"

CALLER ID: 1-888-203-3412
CALLER COMPANY: no company name left

Submitted by Sophie Thach on December 19, 2019
"Same person Kimberly price and when I called it back some random guy answered."

CALLER ID: 8882033412

Submitted by stephanie on December 12, 2019
"they call but want exactly say why? something about being served?"

CALLER ID: 888-203-3412

Submitted by Herron on December 09, 2019
"Rbbo call left message by Woman by the name Kimberly price claimed this was a second attempt at that I would be served"

CALLER ID: 8882033412

Submitted by Kathy L Seanard on November 21, 2019
"Lady named kimberly price saying 2nd attempt to notify and a warrant will be issued"

Submitted by Darleen on November 12, 2019
""A lady named Kimberly Price called saying this was the 2nd attempt and she will note the account and a warrant will be issued.""

CALLER ID: 18882033412
CALLER COMPANY: Didn't leave a company name

Submitted by maria campbell on October 22, 2019
""A gal named kimberly price called saying this was the 2nd attempt and she will note the account and a warrant will be issued.""

CALLER ID: 18882033412
CALLER COMPANY: 1888203 3412

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