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Have you received a call from 888-262-0222? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (888) 262-0222

888-262-0222 / (888) 262-0222 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Shannon Lafferty on December 18, 2019
"I recieved this message. I don't use itunes.

Thank you for purchasing ACU PRIME subion from iTune Store.
Your Order Id: MQF0ZYT3Y
Amount: 399.99 USD
If you haven't placed this order then call the support team on 1-888-434-1484."

Submitted by Tina Iyer on December 07, 2019
"Received the following text and when I called a person with Indian accent answered and asked for my email then I was disconnected. Could not reach the number again.

“Thank you for purchasing AUCPRIME subion from iTune Store.
Your Order Id: MQF0ZYT3Y
Amount: 499.99 USD
If you haven't placed this order then call
the support team immediately on 1-888-262-0222“"

CALLER ID: 240-225-9625

Submitted by Gail Petell on December 06, 2019
"Got a text message that apple iTunes is charging me 499.00. I called this # as suggested and person said Apple is redoing their site and I will not be charged."


Submitted by M on December 06, 2019
"Scam. They (India voice) will say that they will refund you the amount. But you have to log into your bank account. They will then take a pic of your bank page, edit in a deposit amount over the amount you were to be refunded, then ask you to pay back the extra by getting gift cards and telling them the codes. See youtube videos on scam baiting to see how it is done."

Submitted by Brenda on December 06, 2019
"Received a text message thanking me for subscribing for something from the ITunes store in the amount of $499 and to call the support team at this number if I didn't place the order. Almost fell for it before I decided to check to se if its a scam. Appears so."

CALLER ID: 1-888-262-0222

Submitted by Marilyn on December 06, 2019
"called stating the security on my cell phone had lapsed and someone in Germany was attempting a sale...was it my purchase? needed to renew my security"

CALLER COMPANY: I Defend Pro-Premium Security Software

Submitted by James on December 02, 2019
"called statedmy account be charged but did not say what for."

Submitted by Sandy on November 28, 2019
"Received a text yesterday and a call today from this number. Looked it up online and said it was scam. Deleted from phone and blocked."

CALLER ID: Unknown

Submitted by Bruce on November 28, 2019
"I suspect this a scam but am not sure"

Submitted by Bobby on November 27, 2019
"Apple ID verification code 436276"

CALLER ID: 1-361-502-2999

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