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Have you received a call from 888-266-1702? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (888) 266-1702

888-266-1702 / (888) 266-1702 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Shanae Banks on December 03, 2019
"I received several calls from them and they even called my son stating that there was a civil suit against me. When asked why a letter of some sort was not sent they said that they couldn’t discuss the details unless I was the person. I mentioned to them that it’s funny that they can call people’s phone a million times but can’t “discuss” the matter with the people they are harassing."

CALLER ID: 18882661702
CALLER COMPANY: New Star Mediation

Submitted by Susan M on December 03, 2019
"Called my brother asking for me, said they were trying to deliver papers to me. He asked what address they had an told him Farmington, MO. I live in Michigan."

CALLER ID: 888-266-1702
CALLER COMPANY: New Castle Mediation

Submitted by Anonymous on December 02, 2019
"Call for legal matter. Hahahaha.
They will hold for 2 hours for callback before taking legal action. Number to call back was 888-266-1702.
I guess they will have to take their legal action. Hahahaha don’t fall for the scam callers."

CALLER ID: 909-281-9570

Submitted by Guest User on November 26, 2019
"They tried to scam my mom. Said she owned a tmobile bill from 2004, total lie. They threatened to serve her. I looked them up on the better business bureau, similar accounts and no rating. They knew my mother's information. Hope they get caught. Tracker number was 313-209-7497"

CALLER ID: 18882661702
CALLER COMPANY: New Star Mediation

Submitted by Maria d on November 24, 2019
"Thrr E y called I. Ref to a file"

CALLER ID: 877266

Submitted by Chris0812 on November 19, 2019
"These people called my sister-in-law on her cell asking for me. said her name was Veronica and gave a case number.

What lengths these people go to scam people!"

CALLER ID: 8882661702

Submitted by Milford on November 14, 2019
"This is Caroline I'm calling regarding a file here in our office for you. For further details please contact me back at 888-266-1702. This is very important Call ne back at 888-266-1702 ..To speak to a live agent press 1 now""

CALLER ID: 908-615-8728

Submitted by CN on November 11, 2019
"I got a call from this number saying I owed them money from sprint from 2014. I called sprint after they ran the number and said its a scam caller. they were proud that I reported back to them and took the numbers down and filed a report on them, and had taken note to what and how they got my information."

CALLER ID: 8882661702
CALLER COMPANY: New Star meditation (claimed they were a division of sprint)

Submitted by Will Xiong on October 30, 2019
"Called asking for my wife saying there was a legal matter the wanted to discuss and for her to call immediately. Asked her what the case was and she said above her pay grade. Gave a case #AU-2466"

Submitted by C p on October 18, 2019
"Debt collection scam, adress is a virtual office ."

CALLER ID: 8882661702
CALLER COMPANY: Newstar mediation

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