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Have you received a call from 888-368-3518? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (888) 368-3518

888-368-3518 / (888) 368-3518 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Lynda on July 18, 2019
"Please call as you are due a refund. The company is shutting down"

CALLER ID: 888-368-3518

Submitted by rocksde on June 12, 2019
"Says that company has been ordered to close down and to call for additional info."

CALLER ID: 8883683518

Submitted by TB on June 12, 2019
"Computer generated call in... I am Cathy ?. The Microsoft refund department closing, we want to refund your money. Several of these calls all the the same came through before I call them back asking them to remove us from the list. The man that answered said "never" then asked my name. I did not say but asked him his. He said "When I put my penis (other word used) in you, you will know who I am"
This is appalling....who/what are these people and how are they allowed to harass this way.
It needs to stop!"

CALLER ID: 1-888-368-3518

Submitted by P. Schwinn on June 11, 2019
"Of course, it is a scam and a robo caller. When CID shows Out of Area OR Toll Free Call and POS hang up after the 2nd ring, it is a sure fire sign they are POS scammers making robo calls to see if they can catch a big fish !!!! POS think we are as stupid as they are and will answer their stupid call. We used to pay $190 monthly to AT&T and now we are paying $220 monthly. But we are the ones who have to screen incoming calls and then we have to post messages for everyone else to be aware of these POS. To add insult to injury, we have to listen to the inept, incompetent, moron, stupid, nincompoop AT&T CEO, Randall Stephenson, whine, moan and complain … there is nothing we can do, blah, blah, blah when AT&T and all the other phone companies that exist are happy to allow these POS robo callers open new accts day in and day out. Every time we block one POS robo caller, they spread like fleas and call us from another number. Panasonic Call Block on high alert. Hell is will be too comfortable for these POS."


Submitted by Kent C on June 11, 2019

CALLER ID: 888-368-3518

Submitted by Tired of the bs on June 11, 2019
"Ya, you call it back you confront
Let's see...I'll try to clean up the language ahole, f'n bith, piece of sh...I could go on, but you get the picture I'm sure"

CALLER ID: 8883683518

Submitted by Tired of the BS on June 11, 2019
"Microsoft, blah blah blah
shutting down....need to give your refund
call 888 368 3518


CALLER ID: 8883683518

Submitted by Ali on June 11, 2019
"Company is shutting down call for your refund ..."

CALLER ID: 888-368-3518
CALLER COMPANY: Transworld Syst9PD4

Submitted by Guest KC on June 10, 2019
"says paid for computer service that we do not have never did"

CALLER ID: 8883683518
CALLER COMPANY: Did not include

Submitted by Crabby Lady on June 10, 2019
"The company is shutting down an they would like 5Q6Yto refund my money. Call 888-368-3518"

CALLER ID: 8883683518

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