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Have you received a call from 900-800-4007? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (900) 800-4007

900-800-4007 / (900) 800-4007 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by SB on February 13, 2020
"I keep getting calls fro. This number multiple times a day."

Submitted by metoo on July 13, 2019
"a purchase was trying to be made for a iPhone to my account but wanted the phone to be mailed to Texas. it sounded worrisome but luckily i gave out no info. they did want my pin but i gave them the incorrect one. I did call back Verizon and they assured me no purchase had been initiated."

CALLER ID: 900080004000 & 900080004007

Submitted by Bfl on February 18, 2019
"This is a fraud nesssge. They’re wanting to hack into your Verizon account. Contact Verizon fraud."

Submitted by jane brindle on November 11, 2018
"the number ending 1179 has used 90 of your data plan....(as above)."

Submitted by Debra on May 27, 2018
"Verizon Msg: The number ending in 6037 has used 90 of it data plan (your cycle ends on the 18th). You can move to a larger data plan at"

Submitted by Gussie Redding on April 03, 2018
"Verizon Msg: The number ending in 0185 has used about 90 of its data plan your cycle ends on the 12th. You can move to a larger data plan at"

CALLER ID: 900080004007

Submitted by Beth Cole on March 07, 2018
"keeping getting this message each month and I have umlimited"

CALLER ID: 9000800004007

Submitted by jerry hinojosa on February 09, 2018
"that my number ending in 4944 used all the date in the plan"


Submitted by R on February 03, 2018
"Verizon msg: number ending in 1367 has used about 90 of data (cycle ends on the 21st

I've never used even 90 of my data . . . and this is only the 10th of the month!"

Submitted by Lee on January 05, 2018
"Have received this message several times during the last month."

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