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Have you received a call from 917-671-0013? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (917) 671-0013

917-671-0013 / (917) 671-0013 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Deb on October 06, 2020
"This Sherry called and left a voicemail that claimed it was a personal matter and to return her call. Then called 3 more times within the half hour! Thanks to looking up the number I find all these comments. Thank you to all. I will block this number pronto!"

CALLER ID: Just number & United States

Submitted by Harry on August 13, 2020
"PERSON ANSWERING THE PHONE BEWARE! This is a scam attempting to "Piggyback" on the respected and noteworthy biographical service Who's Who. I was surprised at the amount of inaccurate information she had about me, e.g., home address, e-mail. Sherry has an engaging telephone voice but is relentless in trying to contact and speak with you. A few afternoons ago, my wife was ill and was trying to sleep. Sherry phoned our home ~13 times in 3 hours and also tried contacting me on my cell phone. I suspect anyone who pays the ~$600 she requests for a wall plaque, your distinction of being named the number one professional (lawyer, pastor, accountant) in your state, and your book with your biography will never see any of these things after your credit payment clears."

CALLER ID: (917) 671-0013 Brooklyn, NY

Submitted by Mike on May 11, 2020
"Same as above comments, same person Sherry.
Googled Who's Who and as expected, scam.
Thanks to previous commenters, I never picked up phone, did not call them."

Submitted by Misty on April 29, 2020
"This number called my husband multiple times on his cell phone leaving a voicemail claiming to be with “Top 100 Lawyers” about an urgent business matter and said her name was Sherry. No legitimate business harasses you like this. Also, by now, don’t we know better to talk to people that call us without researching the number? Unreal."

CALLER ID: 917-671-0013
CALLER COMPANY: Top 100 Lawyers

Submitted by James on April 08, 2020
"Like others on this page I've been getting multiple calls several times a day from this number with the same message from "Sherry." I'd love to know how I this person can be made to stop harassing people."

Submitted by Nupur Ghoshal on March 16, 2020
13 calls and VM to my home phone.
9 calls to my cell phone. Very brief VM.
1 call to my work line.
All communicating urgency.
I finally picked up the last cell call and was super annoyed. I said I'm extremely busy (calls were interrupting meetings even on vibrate), do not have time for the call, Sherry, went on about urgent business matter about needing putting editorial to press/ to bed about a plaque. I was sooo done with the ridiculous number of harassing calls today. I said I was not interested in their services. She said ok and terminated the call. I was FINALLY able to resume a normal work day."

CALLER ID: 917-671-0013
CALLER COMPANY: Executive editorial dept of Who's Who

Submitted by DJ on March 05, 2020
"Sherry called three times Tuesday & six times yesterday (March 4th) "regarding an urgent business matter" to my work & home number. The intonation on the voice mail was identical as if it was a recording. When I called the number today it went to voice mail for Simone"

CALLER ID: 917-671-0013

Submitted by An office manager on March 04, 2020
"We've been getting the same message from Sherry repeatedly. It must be recorded as the message, the mispronunciation of the name, and intonation are identical each time."

CALLER ID: 917-671-0013

Submitted by Kevin on February 26, 2020
"Sherry claimed to be calling from Who's Who corporate office. Returning the call got voice mail for Simone."

CALLER ID: (917) 671-0013

Submitted by Eli on January 09, 2020
"Calling for Joseph from corporate with urgent business matter."



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