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Have you received a call from 929-275-6848? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (929) 275-6848

929-275-6848 / (929) 275-6848 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Yvonne on July 14, 2019
"13478983661 received a call they hung up they text me hi"

CALLER ID: +13478983661

Submitted by NY gal on June 10, 2019
"received two texts from someone saying their name was glann rubin, then asking me if I was glenn this weekend. Reading these complaints leads me to believe theyre undateable losers with nothing better to do than to annoy strangers."

CALLER ID: 347-898-3661

Submitted by BK on May 29, 2019
"Texting single word texts "hi" Hey"

Submitted by ANON on May 13, 2019
"Keeps asking for Glenn or Rubin. Did some research, apparently Glenn Rubin is dead and all the comments go back to the number “929-275-6848”"

Submitted by Astrid on May 08, 2019
"This psycho keeps texting and calling. Doing the exact same thing. Asking for Glenn or Rubin."

CALLER ID: +1 (929) 275-6848

Submitted by 🐐 on May 03, 2019
"Keeps texting me, ughhhhh"

CALLER ID: John Cutaneo

Submitted by Ferhan on March 22, 2019
"This person been calling me from this number and also from other numbers and botheirng me."

Submitted by V.F on February 19, 2019
"They constantly keep texting and harassing my sister. She blocks the number, a new ones comes up. Asking for Glenn, so I responded to him/her and told them there is no a Glenn. I’ve told them to leave her alone multiple times but that doesn’t seem to work. And they stop for a bit until they pick up again a few days later. She’s only 13 there’s no reason for her to get text messages and calls in the middle of the night from whoever this is."

CALLER ID: 9292756848

Submitted by V.J on February 04, 2019
"Called at 2:30am then texted "glenn"."

Submitted by N/A on February 02, 2019
"Same! This person has used more than 10 different numbers to harass me. This is ridiculous!"

CALLER ID: 929 275 6848

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