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Have you received a call from 953-267-6390? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (953) 267-6390

953-267-6390 / (953) 267-6390 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by S.A.M. on September 03, 2014
"Noticed on my call log, this number called house phone on 9/01/14 twice, 3 times on 9/2/14 and 2 times today. No message. What's odd is house phone is never used for non-family business and it is under my name, but my fiance received an email from "Microsoft" stating her Microsoft account may have been hacked and to a link to verify. She d because it seemed skeptic and we are not aware of a Microsoft account... Also the email did not have logo or official signature."

CALLER ID: Unknown Name 953-267-6390

Submitted by Angela on August 28, 2014
"Have been receiving several calls from the above phone number. Answered the first call and was told Microsoft Rep. They keep calling and I no longer answer. They do not leave a message. I filed a complaint on line with seeing as how I am on the do not call list, which does no good."

Submitted by Stop this harrassment! on August 27, 2014
"I received multiple calls, like every few minutes, from Anonymous first. I answer, they remain silent. I was able to block them. Next day, I began receiving multiple calls from the 953 number. I answered one and with this, just silence on the other end once again. I just added this number to my call block list."

CALLER ID: v82805583500059

Submitted by Marcia on August 27, 2014
"received 8 calls in the last 24 hours from this number ... I can't take it!! tried to call back to tell them to quit calling & get a recording that the call cannot go through...frustrating!"

Submitted by mary on August 25, 2014
"Calls routinely does not leave message.
I picked up and asked them to stop calling . 2 more calls And they just laughed can hear the group laughing in the back ground. 7 calls total today on my caller I'D home #"

Submitted by The next time, try this on August 25, 2014
"The next time someone claims to be from that only they can fix your computer (& you WILL find the supposed virus because the keystrokes they give you will install the virus on your machine!) The next time.....tell them that they are full of bull s! It was so funny to hear the caller sputter "pardon?!!" "what?!!!" It's past time we fought back!!
9532676390 These ba$tards call me all night and all day! If I hang up immediately, they just double and triple the calls because they know they have a "live" number!! I'm so terrorized that I avoid ALL phone calls!! Canada government FORCES my telephone company to ALLOW all calls through, even well known scammers like these ba$tards! This is called 'AIDING AND ABETTING", Canada! DO NOT CALL LISTS ARE A JOKE!! They are so restricted.....they can only work on stopping calls FROM Canada. They do nothing about scammers from India, Africa, Dominican Republic.......and they can only "suggest" that US companies stop calling Canada numbers. If the number is spoofed or not visible, DNCL can't do a damn thing! I stopped reporting calls to the Do Not Call List YEARS ago!"

Submitted by CR on August 18, 2014
"Caller states that they are calling due to a problem with your computer."

Submitted by Larry on August 16, 2014
"called 16 times in past week,hangs up upon pickup by ans. will not block call."

CALLER ID: +95 32676390

Submitted by c on August 16, 2014
"computer scam to gain access to computer"

Submitted by Deez Nutz on August 12, 2014
"It is a scam caller saying he wants to discuss your "computer infections""

CALLER ID: 953 267 6390

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