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Have you received a call from 973-288-9528? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (973) 288-9528

973-288-9528 / (973) 288-9528 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Ozzy on November 12, 2018
"Same as everyone they said i own 400 dollars from 2009 and now is up to 900 they going to sue me if i dont Pay"

CALLER ID: 973-288-9528

Submitted by Lauren on September 24, 2018
"Recorded message from Susan Mullins saying that I would be served paperwork at my job or home something legal and I should speak to a mediator.

Call my family members phone...

CALLER ID: 973-288-9528

Submitted by Jamene on August 28, 2018
"Same as everyone else. After I hung up on her for threatening me with this foolishness, she called back to MY JOB! She had previous addresses on file and my old job listed."

CALLER ID: 973-288-9528

Submitted by Kelly on August 15, 2018
"Same as everyone else. After I asked to send me the letter to my house. She said she couldn’t said other things I couldn’t understand and hung up. Sounds like FRAUD to me.

Same number as above!"

CALLER ID: ‭+1 (973) 288-9528‬

Submitted by Danya on August 07, 2018
"Susan Mullins - pre recorded message stating I am being notified and will be served."

Submitted by Stephanie on August 02, 2018
"I'm receiving a call from this number and they said that I took out a loan of $400 in 2011. They said that I'll be getting served. I was getting threatened by these people. They have my account information. They also mention my mom and where I work. I haven't taken any loan out. But now they have me questioning if I'm going through identity theft."

Submitted by Terri on June 25, 2018
"Susan Mullins call that I owe money on a high interest loan from 2013 the address she gave was an address I lived at in the earlier 2000"

CALLER ID: 201-288-9528
CALLER COMPANY: They said it so fast you can't hear

Submitted by Jamila on June 13, 2018
"They called threatening me saying they would send two armed guards with someone to serve me paperwork for a loan i never took out from 2013!?? Haha! Frauds!!! And then hung up on me after i told them to send them"

Submitted by Mary on June 08, 2018
"Called me in reference to some account that I never had from over six years ago that they were going to sue me and they were just calling to let me know even referenced my family members"

CALLER ID: Hopatcong NJ

Submitted by Tiana on June 08, 2018
"Received recorded message from Susan Mullins saying that I would be served paperwork at my job or home. She said it was in regards to something legal and I should call to speak with a mediator."

CALLER ID: New Jersey

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