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975-964-2811 / (975) 964-2811 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Christa on July 30, 2015
"My Father has unfortunately fallen for this scam a few times. They scare him by saying they are affiliated with Microsoft and that unless he pays for their "computer security" that all his accounts will be hacked. I have been able to dispute the charges and have open fraud cases on his behalf but they still call him daily, scaring him and his memory is poor, he is 85 and believes their lies. I just wanted to share our story because I DON'T want any other person to be harmed by this terrible organization. It is horrible what they do and I've talked to them myself, told them to stop calling my father, leave him alone but they still call. I am having his phone number and email changed to help prevent any further intrusion. DO NOT buy into this scam. I hope that I have helped by sharing. Take care."


Submitted by pw on April 27, 2015
"This number also is associated with the

Submitted by Pamela Wauben on April 27, 2015
"A company, WizBiz International called me back in Jan/2015 stating they were requested by Windows to contact me about terrible viruses on my pc. They had all the right answers to all questions and able to show me through remotecontrol of pc..long story short I paid through a credit card after inquiring of the credit person the legitimacy of the company. They said it was, so I went on with the protection plan. They have continued to call over the last months with the last Sat, April 25th. Several different phone numbers/unknown callers has been used. Again as back in Jan. I had an uneasy feeling and really told him I didn't believe him, that he was a scam, etc. He stressed for me to check out the web site,etc. and then he just hung up. With caller Id I attempted to immediately recall...within seconds...number no longer in service as well as websites unavailable. Today I've been contacting card services, banks and Mcaffe, to see if my overall finacial life is secure after my sister helped me to discover that this so-called company has scamming folks since July of 2013."

Submitted by margaret on January 20, 2015
"call from windows can fix computer"


Submitted by margaret on January 20, 2015
"called 8.05 pm claiming computer was slow and could fix virisus"


Submitted by Erika on December 11, 2014
"I get a phone call from a so called Microsoft Windows company at least every other day if not everyday. I have told them to stop call and that I know they are trying to scam people. I have been dealing with this for 6 months if not longer. I have been very forceful to let them know I do not like them calling and I usually have to hang up on them. I have even gotten a pone call back from them after I hung up on them just to call me a Bitch. Does anyone know how to get them to stop calling and harassing me?"

CALLER ID: 975-964-2811
CALLER COMPANY: Microsoft Windows

Submitted by Ron on December 10, 2014
"975-964-2811 called me and wanted to fix my computer. He gave me a different number for call back 953-467-6390 do I called this number. It was unavailable. This was a scam as he said he had my computer id but could not tell me the kind of computer. Bog scam."

CALLER ID: 975-968-6390

Submitted by frustrated on December 10, 2014
"We have been getting calls from this $#@! company regarding Microsoft Windows for the last year. They have called at LEAST 20 times, maybe 30. Several times I have directed them to take my name off of their call list - I have had belligerent comments ranging from "you are lying, madame, and that is very very bad" to "I will call you every day, several times a day". They are ALL from an Indian call center based on the accents and background noise. Extremely rude, persistent, and foul-mouthed callers. The call numbers vary from this one listed to "out of area", "Private", etc."

Submitted by BJ on November 27, 2014
"they call regularly but no one is there. Sometimes they call at 10:00 p.m. Who are they?"

CALLER ID: out of area

Submitted by William Eggleston on November 27, 2014
"Calls come late at nite (after 10:30 pm). Tried calling # back and got "# is disconnected"(how do they do that?) Finally got a call during the day. Told him to never call back,that I knew it was a scam and would never do business with him.
Why can't the authorities track this guy down and stop the bs!!!!"

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