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February 06, 2009

If you ever wondered why they keep calling, it simply comes down to money. Believe it or not, a small percentage of unsuspecting people who receive those unwanted calls actually fall for the SCAMS and money sucking sales pitches. After all, these people are in business to make money just like those annoying SPAM emails you may receive. A recently convicted SPAMMER in New York was earning $100,000 a month from the millions of spam he sent out each month. These unwanted telemarketing calls are the same thing. It is a game of statistics. Call enough people and eventually a small percentage of them will fall for the SCAM or sales pitch and send money or reveal private information.

Unfortunately, it is difficult for anyone to track these unwanted calls to determine which companies or individuals are being abusive on a mass scale. Technology today makes it very easy for a small company or for even a single individual to place thousands of unsolicited phone calls an hour. Have you ever received a call that when you picked up a phone there was a slight delay before you could hear the person calling? That is because they are using automated phone technology that dials thousands of phone numbers and when it detects that someone has actually picked up the phone, it routes that call to one of their in-house telemarketers.

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