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December 28, 2009

The problem pursuing these kinds of harassering telemarketers usually comes down to lack of knowledge and lack of money. Getting on the national Do Not Call list is a fantastic first step. However, it the calls get really out of hand it might be time to complain to the authorities and perhaps take civil legal action. Problem is if only a few people complain, there are very few lawyers who would be interested in pursuing a civil case against them because the amount of potential money awarded in a civil case would likely be too small. Further, since the judgment against the offender is so small, it does not make an effective deterrent for them not to repeat their behavior.

However, one potential benefit of a community website like this is that enough people get together, we may be able to file a class action lawsuit against these offenders and potentially compensate members of the class action for their aggravation. When you file a report on this site and include your email address, you may select whether you would like be to contacted about participating in a class action lawsuit if one is pursued against people behind the phone number you report here. All of information that you provide is voluntary and participation in any class action lawsuit would also be voluntary.

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