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Have you received a call from 205-413-4900? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (205) 413-4900

205-413-4900 / (205) 413-4900 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by LL on September 11, 2019
"This call is to notify you that a purchase was made on Amazon.UK and have been charged $77.99 on your Visa card. If you have made this purchase simply hang out and your order will be delivered to you. If no transactions was made, call UK Amazon support right away and cancel it right away."

CALLER ID: 205-413-4900
CALLER COMPANY: Amazon/Birmingham, AL

Submitted by Christina on September 11, 2019
"Same message on my voicemail only once transferred to representative they ask for you to go into your App Store and they give you info to search and download application which is a hoax to get access to your iPhone or computer device."


Submitted by Bill T. on September 11, 2019
"Got the same bogus message about a charge on my visa from Amazon. They want you to call and give them your Visa card number."

CALLER ID: 205-413-4900

Submitted by Frank on September 10, 2019
"Same as above, that they will charge my VISA for $77 for a purchase from Amazon UK unless I call to dispute."

CALLER ID: 205-413-4900

Submitted by J-LO on September 06, 2019
"Sooooo frustrating!!
This robocall keeps leaving me the same voicemail... SCAM!"

CALLER ID: 205 413 4900
CALLER COMPANY: Alix from Amazon

Submitted by C.B. on September 05, 2019
"Regarding your purchase of (mumble) on Amazon, a charge of $77.00 has been charged to your VISA card. If you made this purchase hang up, if not, call Amazon Support at 205-413-4900."

CALLER ID: 205-413-4900

Submitted by t blair on September 05, 2019
"Saying they are from Amazon Customer Support. there was a purchase made from the UK I will be charged 77.99 on my visa, if this is okay, simply hang up, if you didn't call 205-413-4900 to dispute the charge and cancel right away.They called on my phone, no text"

Submitted by N. L on September 05, 2019
"hi this is alex from amazon customer support. this call is to notify you regarding your today's purchase on amazon dot come you have been charged. 77.99 on you visa card if you recognize this purchase on amazon dot com simply hang up and your order will be delivered to you if you have not made any transactions called the support right away on.."

CALLER ID: 2054134900
CALLER COMPANY: birmingham

Submitted by KCW on September 04, 2019
"Scam recording claimed I ordered an item for $77.99. If I didn’t, they said to call back"

Submitted by Angie on September 04, 2019
"Received call claiming to be from Amazon about out a purchase I have not made.Did not answer. This is the 2nd call I have received, just a big fat scam."

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