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Have you received a call from 469-286-9841? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (469) 286-9841

469-286-9841 / (469) 286-9841 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Pam on October 17, 2012
"Man and woman with Indian accent. Said they were from Microsoft and wanted me to log on to so they could look at the errors on my computer. Then passed me on to a supervisor to get me to do this. She said there would be a fee of $149 for their service. I told her I had plenty of protection already. She said alright then and hung up."

CALLER ID: 4692869841

Submitted by J.M.A on September 17, 2012
"If you have free text messaging maybe
send a text message even from your cell phone providers website ( rogers search send a text message on their website )
Maybe send a text to the number -
it may dictate the message you type out to the call centre when they answer the call
Tell them not to call in your own words
the telephone number they called on and
make sure you block your
cell number
signature etc
If doing from your cell
It's one way of giving them the message back -
it might surprise them -
they might stop calling your number if you message them via text and it may cost them to get it
Send many maybe if you have free text messaging"

CALLER ID: Same as above

Submitted by Claudia T on September 07, 2012
"I got a call from this number, female with Indian accent and lot of noise on background. She claimed to be in Washington DC and have a grant from the government that I qualified for and stared asking for my personal info, full name DOB, and address and I refused to tell her and I hung up. Then I called back and get a not working number message."

CALLER ID: 4692869841

Submitted by Nathaniel F Malm on August 14, 2012
"This number is associated with My brother signed up for a free credit report and loan estimate from this website. Afterwards, he received a large volume of calls from this companies 3rd party associates. Avoid the website If you do not take out a loan, they will harass you!"

CALLER ID: 9999999999

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