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Have you received a call from 518-673-7061? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (518) 673-7061

518-673-7061 / (518) 673-7061 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Peter Froehlich on July 15, 2019
"They called 3 times this afternoon to my landline 9147392718 urgently insisting I call to respond for legal assistance in a social security fraud action initiated against my ss # . aThese people should be found, fined, and prosecuted for dnc violations. Thank you! M"


Submitted by JD on July 12, 2019
"Fraud on SS#"

CALLER ID: 5186737061

Submitted by Ashley on July 11, 2019
"Received call from 518.673.7061 stating “The number for you to call the SSA back is 518-673-7061 the reason you have received his phone call from our department is to inform you that there's the legal enforcement action files on your Social security number for fraudulent activity so before this matter goes to the state and before you give it a rest if you need any information or have any question kindly call us back at 518-673-7061 thank you…”"

CALLER ID: Canajoharie, NY

Submitted by Dottie on July 11, 2019
"I just received a phone voice mail from this number 518-673-7061 crimal action taken cuz of my ss#. true if they were going to take me to court it would be sent to me by mail..scam alert"

Submitted by Sucora Gilbert on July 10, 2019
"They keep calling my Husbands phone i ended up calling our local PD they told us dont give out any info . and told us this big scam was going on 😠"

Submitted by Lenesae on July 10, 2019
"I received 3 vm messages from (518) 673-7061
stating that there's fraudulent activity on my ss# and I need to call the court because a warrant will be issued! First of all I have never known the SS to call you on the phone with a recorded message. All correspondences are done via US postal Service. These people are Scammers and need to be delt with. We have no need for some one from other Countries trying to Scam us, particular Senior Citizens! I will report this to the proper Authority in the UNTIED STATES OF AMERICA!"


Submitted by Keya on July 10, 2019
"Received two call from this number first time left vm stating they are calling about fraud active report on ssn#. Second left vm. Call number back overseas lady answer said she was from the Social Secruity Office"

Submitted by Jessica White on July 10, 2019
"Calling to say there has been fraudulent activity with my ss# and that i need to call the ssa office immediately before i get arrested"

CALLER ID: Scam likely

Submitted by Steve on July 10, 2019
"automated message identifying legal action being filed for fraudulent activity with my social security number against me from automated message wanting me to call them back because I hadn't picked up the phone. the funny thing is they had not identified what business they are with, if they are part of the federal government and didn't identify that they were with any law enforcement agency, they only identification was that they were part of some department. total scam."

CALLER ID: canajoharie, ny

Submitted by Ed on July 10, 2019
"Received robocall from 518-673=7061 say warrant out for arrest due fraud on SS # and to call back. Total scam."

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