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Have you received a call from 702-344-1058? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (702) 344-1058

702-344-1058 / (702) 344-1058 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Tim bachman on January 16, 2020
"Call this number to receive 20,000000 dollars"

CALLER ID: 8889614592

Submitted by lynda on January 13, 2020
"Got the same message today. 20 million. 9071US. Arthur Lewis. 702-344-1058. Knew immediately it was a scam when they stated the prize was approved by our US Government. HaHaHaHaHa WHY IS THIS STILL HAPPENING?"

CALLER ID: 8889614592

Submitted by Daniel on January 13, 2020
"Received a call same info at above on 1/13/2020.
To call Arthur Louis 702-344-1058. Did not call the number. Did a search and found this. Sad thing is somebody falls for it or they would not keep it up. Then again why isn't this stopped and prosecuted."

CALLER ID: 8889614592

Submitted by CJ on January 13, 2020
"Same call same claim number"

CALLER ID: 888-961-4592

Submitted by bs on December 24, 2019
"received call today saying I had won 20 million and that it was approved by US govt. and US trade bureau.I was to call Arthur Lewis at 702 344 1058. Code 9071 us."

CALLER COMPANY: Western Union sweepstakes

Submitted by Justin hale on December 23, 2019
"Dude called and asked me if I had 6g's in my bank accounts. Since I didn't have that I think he was like nah yo. Total scam he probably wants you to give him your account number. But ya he said I won a whopping 20 mill large and all this other shiz."

Submitted by Louis A on November 07, 2019
"Received same type of call on Nov 7, 2019. Same message as reported by others. Another sweepstakes scam."

Submitted by Muuay Goolsby on October 24, 2019
"on October 24, 2019
same exact call I got on voice mail to call back
Arthur Lewis regarding 20 million dollars I had won. the claim code was 9071US. Trades Commission Bureau of Competitions and Western Union Federal office of Denver Colorado was mentioned. the call number was 702-344-1058."

Submitted by Aradine Bennett on October 24, 2019
"Message left on voice mail 10/23/19 was identical to above message from Joyce Haas on
9/17.Claim code 9071US."

CALLER ID: 888 961-4592
CALLER COMPANY: Toll free caller

Submitted by Shirley on October 23, 2019
"I got the same call that others have reported. Caller ID showed it to be an 800 service.....888-961-4592
Told me to call Arthur Lewis 702-344-1058 to claim my
20 million!"

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