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Have you received a call from 703-879-8780? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (703) 879-8780

703-879-8780 / (703) 879-8780 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Chelle on September 23, 2016
"They keep calling me with a machine warning me the I.R.S. has flagged me for fraud on my taxes, etc. etc. My only question is how do I get them to stop calling because I'm getting calls several times a day and from all kinds of different numbers. How the hell did they get my f'n number and how can I stop all the calls? Maybe I should give their numbers to marketing lists so they can unwanted calls"

CALLER ID: 7038798780
CALLER COMPANY: unknown - supposedly the IRS

Submitted by Monik on September 23, 2016
"This number, 703-879-8780 texted me . But the oroginal number also showed . Its : 202-999-1368"

Submitted by Lovely on September 22, 2016
"Got a text from (646)628-8185 saying: "WARNING:I.R.S is filing lawsuit against you, for more information call on +1 7038798780 on urgent basis, Otherwise your arrest warrant will be forwarded to your local police department and your property and bank accounts and social benifits will be frozen by government."

What a big run-on sentence. Who the heck writes like this that work for the government? Man!"

Submitted by Prakash D on September 22, 2016
"Got a text from this number saying IRS was filinbg suit against me... maybe the IRS should investigate this person. I'm sure they're not paying taxes on the money they're stealing from the idiots that fall for it.""

CALLER ID: 646 681 7613

Submitted by steve on September 22, 2016
""I received a recorded message saying,,,..I have committed fraud and misconduct against the IRS, and this matter needs to be rectified immediately."

Submitted by Patty Webber on September 22, 2016
"IRS is filing lawsuit against me. Return call or an arrest warrant will forwarded to my local police, and my property and bank accounts and social benefits will be frozen by the government.It says to call 1-703-879-8780. Call came from 1-646-628-8185"

CALLER ID: 646-628-8185
CALLER COMPANY: Don't know they say IRS

Submitted by Call the IRS on September 22, 2016
"I looked on the IRS Website and it is a scam!! They said do not answer or return the call. They said they would never TEXT??? 202-999-1430 is displayed and the 703-879-8780 is where the text says to call."

CALLER ID: 202-999-1430

Submitted by lisa on September 22, 2016
"received a text from 202-999-1951 with this number 703-879-8780 to call. i requested their emails and called for info several times with no answer. kept calling back and turned into a man talking sexual weirds. Called IRS and FBI to report."

Submitted by David Hunt on September 22, 2016
"Same as others but I have been audited more than once so I know how the procedure goes. I told the guy they were full of crap and he hung up"


Submitted by Ha Ha Losers on September 22, 2016
"Same as the scam. Something about a tax return that I am hiding from the gov't. It is urgent that I return their call. :-)."

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