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Have you received a call from 845-764-9442? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (845) 764-9442

845-764-9442 / (845) 764-9442 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by sarae on September 09, 2014
"i did not answer it blocked it going to report the to the do not call list"

CALLER ID: 8457649442

Submitted by Macey on July 31, 2014
"They called one time everyday for three days. Called them back, and got a man with a heavy indian accent, asking if i wanted baby stuff. Called them back after they called earlier, said things repeatedly. "Good Afternoon." "Hello?" and knew my first and middle name but not my last. Also, sent me a letter in the mail about babies to my home address. I am still a minor so i am scared for what they could do, after reading comments from other websites."

CALLER ID: 845-764-9442

Submitted by aa on April 10, 2014
"stop calling"

Submitted by Slick on October 11, 2013
"Stop calling"

Submitted by WA 206 on September 20, 2013
"Stop calling!"


Submitted by Guest User on September 13, 2013
"they keep constantly calling"

Submitted by Alyssa on July 23, 2013
"I keep getting this number calling me. Constantly and sending it to voice mail. No message is being left. which is eating up mintues on my cell."

CALLER ID: 8457649442

Submitted by Lake Mich on March 01, 2013
"This person from phone number 845 764-9442 keeps calling looking for Jeffrey numerous times."

CALLER ID: 845-764-9442


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