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Have you received a call from 866-219-5007? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (866) 219-5007

866-219-5007 / (866) 219-5007 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Tamika on January 29, 2018
"They told me they were going to send me to court. When I tried to call back they must have blocked my number because it is a busy signal. They are mad because I played their game better than them."

CALLER ID: Mike Jones

Submitted by Not a Microsoft customer on January 12, 2018
"Automated voicemail says to call (866)219-5007 for a refund. I didn't recognize this # and called to see who it was. They guy (sounded like an offshore call center) first answered, "Hello (no business name)." When I asked what company this was, he claimed it was Microsoft."

CALLER ID: (866)219-5007
CALLER COMPANY: Microsoft???

Submitted by AJ on January 11, 2018
"I keep getting a call that says they owe me money for a computer service that I paid for. So I hit 1 and get a person that sometime sounds Arabic or American male that will either be rude and repeat what I say each time or will ask me for my name and If I say a name they say oh yes your who we are trying to reach then when I call them out on their bull crap they hang up then call back only 5 to 15 minutes later."

CALLER ID: 1-(866)219-5007

Submitted by Vickie on January 10, 2018
"Called leaving a message to call back and get money refunded to me for computer services. I never paid for any computer services and am on the Do Not Call List."

CALLER ID: 866 219-5007

Submitted by Chase on January 09, 2018
"Told me to call immediately so they can refund money for services I didn’t order. Automated call. Broken English."

CALLER ID: 1866-219-5007

Submitted by Kathy on December 10, 2017
"This number has been harassing me for about two months now. I have asked them to remove my number from their automated call list. I filed a formal complaint to the attorney generals office as we are on the no call list. I believe this to be a scam to access your computer and get your personal identification and information. Everyone receiving these calls should report them to the proper authorities. You are not able to block their calls because they spoof you."

CALLER ID: 866-219-5007
CALLER COMPANY: Microsoft support

Submitted by Barbara on December 03, 2017
"They call multiple times a day and leave an automated message every time. I blocked the number on my phone, so it doesn't ring, but I still get they messages filling up my voicemail. Very aggravating. Like someone else said, if it was legitimate, they would use their company name."

CALLER ID: 8662195007

Submitted by Bonnie on November 29, 2017
"I have never answered these calls but they leave a voice mail two or three times a day telling me to contact them to receive my refund for services no longer available. I have not paid services to any computer companies."

CALLER ID: 866-219-5007

Submitted by Heidi on November 29, 2017
"They have called every day this week. They leave a message saying to call them back because they owe me refund for services that I paid.If this was a legitimate company they would have used my name in the message as well as the company that they are from."

Submitted by American Dean on November 28, 2017
"I got a call with an automated message that seemed to be American from Microsoft and they wanted me to contact them because I had to pay them or my computer would go down. I called them back and got an India Indian. WTF dude, I hung up. I am a Microsoft Insider, I work on the new Windows Operating system for a living since the 1980's, I am going to take these god damn Indians down, send them all back and get them out of America."

CALLER ID: 1 (866) 219-5007

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