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Have you received a call from 866-996-5868? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (866) 996-5868

866-996-5868 / (866) 996-5868 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by noyb on January 11, 2019
"called about some payday fraud i've never used payday or anything like it, he started swearing at me and said he would be calling everyday. WHATEVER"

CALLER ID: 8669965868

Submitted by none of you business on January 10, 2019
"i provoked him into swearing at me called him an un professional ***** and hung up. he said he would call everyday i said go ahead."

CALLER ID: 8669965868

Submitted by debra j victory on January 10, 2019
"man called asking for Ruth Pluemer(she happens to be my fiance's mother) making threats about her committing fraud. Called me 3 times, said he'd call every day whether I liked it or not. I cussed him out."

CALLER ID: 8669965868
CALLER COMPANY: R&S associates

Submitted by ALS on January 05, 2019
"Caller left a message, informing me of a fraud case against me and I had until 1/5/18 to respond (1 year too late) otherwise a case would be brought up against me within my muni ***** lity.
I called the number back, got an automated line with a voice claiming to be Joe from filing, asking that I supply a case number so he may return the call."

CALLER ID: 866-996-5868

Submitted by Stan on December 27, 2018
"Caller asked if I was a co-signer of a 2005 Dodge Caravan with a name I did not recognize. Was not very forthcoming about who he was other than to say that he was looking into civil litigation against the people he asked me about, and said that I was listed with them as owner of vehicle, or something similar. He didn't bother me any further when I informed him that I did not know the people he brought up."

CALLER ID: 8669965868

Submitted by Kelly on December 19, 2018
"Called me looking for ex-husband about fraud case."

CALLER ID: 866 996 5868

Submitted by Not Today Pal on December 19, 2018
"Called and said that my son had a fraud charge for a bad check written on a credit union account, gave a case number and said if we didn't call by 12/21 that charges will be filed."

CALLER ID: Unknown

Submitted by R&S on December 18, 2018
"Please contact our office we do handle repossessions,judgments,litigation and settlements for a variety of clients. We would like to try to help you in this situation."

CALLER ID: 866-996-5868

Submitted by Christine torres on December 14, 2018
"That I owed 1200 dollars And needed to pay right now told him i made a police report then he started calling me names"

CALLER ID: 18669965868

Submitted by Tee on December 13, 2018
"I receiving now calls from. This exact number I called courts trying to figure out is it a scam n it's a man named JOE FROM THD FILING DIVISION (in a deep man voice) saying that me n my church going mom committed a crime n a city we are no where near but now I'm getting no answers I know people do anything but I just want to Kno is this a scam cause my mom is scared she doesn't have a criminal record period!!"

CALLER COMPANY: Joe filing company

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