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  • 01825761727 "Other numbers related to this group.0754655465007561611206 ... "
  • 01825761727 "It's grand to see others have found out about these horid individuals. This group or gang of plebs are deceiving the public and trying to ruin the rep ... "
  • 01825761727 "Some group who keep banging on about themselves and researching a racecourse. ... "
  • 01825761727 "Suspicious website. Very expensive for a small photo and a COPY of a programme. No terms. Save your money. ... "

  • 01825761727 "Many of their posts have now been removed. ... "
  • 01825761727 "A very clever group who lead you to believe things that are not true. Research some of their posts and all will be revealed. ... "
  • 01825761727 "A very dodgy geezer. I didn't like the way he spoke to me. ... "
  • 01825761727 "Social media posts confirm this number is under the name of Lewes Racecourse History Group. ... "
  • 01825761727 "Happy to have seen this page.I have some collectors items from the Lewes racecourse very valuable to me.I saw a quote on the website in connection to ... "
  • 01825761727 "There's something not right about this group. ... "
  • 01825761727 "Been watching this group since 2019 and speaking to the victims of their posts. These people are causing an abundance of stress to others on social me ... "
  • 01825761727 "A bad group to get involved with. We've had a very bad experience with this group. ... "
  • 01825761727 "This group harrass people and make things up to get their own way. ... "
  • 01838691386 "Called saying Amazon account will be charged. Attempts to get you to press number one. This would end up with call charges. No Thanks! ... "
  • 01825761727 "He's not a nice man. He becomes very agressive when he doesn't get what he wants. Avoid him if you can. ... "
  • 01825761727 "We were given this number as a recommendation for a local racing historian to help with our upcoming project. We took the initiative to research the p ... "
  • 01825761727 "We are aware of this scam too. We are surprised that the website connected to this number has not been reported. It says on the website lewesracecours ... "
  • 01825761727 "This number is running a local history scam deceiving the public. ... "
  • 01869922124 "They offer PPI claims processing but I do not have any PPI. ... "
  • 0187978515 "I rushed to answer this call- only to lift the receiver and be subjected to yet another of those infernal recordings which begin 'Dear homeowner'...'I ... "
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018-249-3882 01817206096 01899388434 018611233 01843567906 01832113401 01873974465 01812191773 018801965 01837305063 01814900485