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  • 0213478475 "Annoying person trying to sound official saying he is calling about the "third party" and wanting to talk about the accident I had in the la ... "
  • 0213478475 "Received a call from this number on two lines, one line registered to work. There was a fumbling sound, then foreign voice "hello Sir how are you ... "
  • 021 "021 347 8475 called at 13.47 on 18 March 2016 - fishing re car accident... He hung up when I asked for details of the so-called accident ... "
  • 0213564878 "Just rang to say the loan I had with TSB from 2004 until 2008 I was due for a refund as it had been miss old, when I informed them I have never had su ... "

  • 0213564878 "Asked for Cynthia xxxxxx ( my wife ) when I said do I sound like a Cynthia they asked again. I said this is Mr xxxxxx, the women laughed and hung up ... "
  • 0213564878 "Called twice about PPI on bank loan with Lloyd bank. stated I am due a refund and if I write down all the details he will transfer me to a college who ... "
  • 0213564878 "I'm am calling you about ppi on a bank loan. -my reply- I've never had a bloody bank loan so why the hell are you calling me , funny they hung up... ... "
  • 0213564878 "This is the second call trying to refund a loan that I've never had. They say they don't want any personal details from me but they want to send some ... "
  • 02151215115 "usualAsian voice with English name saying that we were due a ppi refund from a loan taken out with Barclays Bank. Never had a loan in my life ! Told u ... "
  • 02151215115 "Have been called by this number on several occasions caller said I had taken out a loan five years ago (rubbish). Have just returned from a week's hol ... "
  • 02151215115 "Said I had a loan 8 years ago. Hung up when I said I hadn't. TPS isn't blocking this number! ... "
  • 02151215115 "terrible people ... "
  • 02151215115 "Caller said he was from a government refund company and that I was due a refund on a loan I took out in 2005 and subsequently paid off in 2009.Very di ... "
  • 02151215115 "I got a call from this number and the person sounded Asian, I told him I am not interested in his call and he started saying very abusive things such ... "
  • 02151215115 "Had two calls today from this number, first call at 12:32 told me about a loan from Lloyds TSB and that they want to pay back the PPI?? caller said hi ... "
  • 02151215115 "Iv gad enough of this number calling me so i waited 4 him 2 say hello before i screamed really loudly down the phone lmao for months the same number h ... "
  • 02151215115 "caller rang and insisted I was due PPI refund on a loan taken out in 2005.He tried to use what few details he had about me to try to convince me i had ... "
  • 02151215115 "Had 3 calls today in 3 hours. Luckily we have a BT 8500 Call Guardian phone which deals with all unsolicited calls, if the number is,nt in your addres ... "
  • 02151215115 "I am so fed up with calls from this number telling me I'm entitled to a refund of interest paid on a bank loan. They either can't tell which bank or ... "
  • 02151215115 "Very rude man told me I was a fool for not accepting he was right and despite me never having a loan or mortgage still insisted I MUST check for ppi ... "
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