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  • 0286621443 "calls and hangs ups ... "
  • 0282756801 "scam ... "
  • 0280394454 "This phone number keeps calling me and a person with Indian accent would ask for all my private detail as they have some important matter to discuss w ... "
  • 0281041030 "They continue to spam my phone with calls and is becoming too much for me as I still go to High School and it disrupts me and my class-mates. The one ... "

  • 0281041030 "Totally rude. Couldn't understand him. Asked too many unnecessary questions. I have just been ripped off $2,000 from different scammers online and I'm ... "
  • 0281041030 "They keep calling me, sometimes few times a day. I told them every single time to stop calling me and to my number from their list. Once she was rude ... "
  • 0285749634 "Second time received a call from this number. Live on West Coast USA (PST). First call was on 02/13/18 @ approx. 3 a.m. Then again today, 02/19/18 @ ... "
  • 0285749634 "At 3:52 AM today, this number rang. Answered in a fog, thinking might be one of our children. No one on the line. Just air noise. First time for t ... "
  • 0280069496 "I found on my answering machine the same call as above (Ref. # WX followed by four digits)saying it was from taxation office, that a case has been fil ... "
  • 0280069496 "same message as those reported on google. "Warrant for my arrest etc" Caller stated he was from the Taxation Office. ... "
  • 0280069496 "Same scam message on answering machine that others received - warrant for my arrest etc ... "
  • 0280069496 "i told him i was in 32 martin place and would meet him outside he hung up.. on the original call they threatened to arrest a 85 yr old lady for tax fr ... "
  • 0280069496 "scammer for sure. hang up ... "
  • 0280069496 "Same as others .. scam saying this is a call from Federal Police, warrant for my arrest, ATO something or other etc ... This is not the first time I r ... "
  • 0280069496 ""recorded msg states ref#, from AFP on behalf of ATO that a legal case has been filed against you (no name stated), there's a warrant for your ar ... "
  • 0280069496 "Recorded msg from the ATO stating a legal case has been filed against me...gave ref no. and the phone number to call...left the msg on my answering ma ... "
  • 0280069496 "Same as message recorded by Sim (above) on September 25, 2017 ... "
  • 0280069496 "recorded msg states ref#, that a legal case has been filed against you (no name stated), there's a warrant for your arrest, then states "the chas ... "
  • 0280069496 "Recorded voice call gave me a WX no. but I didn't have time to write it all down. Said I was going to be fined etc. etc. and to call the above no. ... "
  • 0280915002 "Phone call from strange number ... "
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Suspicious Phone Numbers:
028-221-0529 028-311-6486 028-966-4339 028-038-2309 028-610-3733 028-149-7621 028-701-0581 02881557645 028-393-9104 028-417-2210 028641679 028-520-3346 028-218-4898